Reville – A Short Film

Created by Brothers’ Ink Productions, Reville is an award-winning short film that pays tribute to the millions of men and women who have served our nation in the armed forces. Reville was initially released back in 2004, and since then, it’s been viewed by millions of people on the American Forces Network, Pentagon Channel, GI […]

Soldiers Suprising Their Kids

Daddy's little girl

We often think of our soldiers overseas, but sometimes we forget that it’s not just a hardship on them being so far from home, and in dangerous situations, but it’s also a hardship on the spouses, children and other loved ones back home that have to wait for their return, with fear in their hearts […]

The Life of a Soldier’s Mother


There are not many bonds stronger in the world than that between a mother and her son.  While every mother probably thinks they care about their son more than every other mother in the world, there is one bond between mother and son that may be just a little bit stronger than others.  A mother […]

Helping Soldiers Heal

horse breeder comforting a horse

Three Dogs save the Lives of the Soldiers Who Adopted Them. In this heartwarming article and video by, we see the touching story of how three puppies that were rescued in Afghanistan became the mascots and ultimate heroes of their unit when they flew into action to save their people from a suicide bomber. […]

Soldier’s Best Friend

Soldier’s Dog Interrupts Interview When He Notices His Master is in Distress In this video on, we see an incredibly touching moment when Erick Scott, who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder from his time in the war, gets the loving attention he needs from his special service dog, Gumbo. When nothing else worked, […]

Selflessly Serving Others

Medal of Honor Campaign Continues for Sergeant Who Saved Troops Author David Zucchino for the Los Angeles Times and posted on brings us this heart wrenching article about  Brigadier General Gary Brito’s fight to get Sergeant 1st Class Alwyn Cashe the medal of honor for his valor and bravery exhibited while on active duty […]

Sweetest Reunion Moments

Military father hugging daughter

Talk about pulling it all together, life is a like a puzzle, a complete picture in a box, but sometimes the key pieces are missing.  Some are layered under others, just waiting to be found and others are actually in plain sight, just out of reach.  Families are like puzzles and in the face of […]

Soldier Homecoming Moments


When soldiers get deployed, they are not only going off to risk their lives, they are also putting their lives and their loved ones on hold while they go and protect our country. These brave men and women are so missed they their family and friends, that when they finally come home, the reunions are […]

Why Is America The Symbol of Freedom?


The land of the free, and the home of the brave. These simple words have defined a nation for more than 200 years and carry more weight than we can possible imagine. Freedom isn’t free.  Another phrase we have heard many times, and another we quite possible overlook on a regular basis.  America is a […]

Awesome Songs Sung by America’s Best Singing Soldiers


It’s important to remember that our soldiers are normal people too. They are out there protecting our country, but they also have dreams, ambitions and hopes that go beyond surviving the day. In the following videos, you’re going to be touched, inspired and awed by the talent and feeling which these hard working soldiers put […]