What is a ‘Specialist’ in the Army?


You’ll many different terms when training for or serving in the United States Army. Some of these terms refer to ranks, such as Specialist. So, what is a Specialist rank and how do you achieve it? To learn more about the Specialist rank and its requirements, keep reading. Specialist (SPC) is a rank given in […]

5 Tips to Survive Basic Training


If you plan on joining the United States Army, Army Reserve or National Guard, you’ll need to complete basic combat training. Also known as Initial Entry Training, it’s a comprehensive training course that covers both physical and mental aptitude. Basic training is conducted at one of several Army posts throughout the U.S. Being that it’s […]

US Air Force Receives Advanced Space Debris-Tracking System


The United States Air Force has received an advanced system designed to track space debris floating in orbit above Earth’s atmosphere. There is approximately half-a-million pieces of space debris, according to data released by NASA. In an effort to identify where this debris is located exactly, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has teamed […]

How to Sell Leave Days


It’s a little known fact that active-duty members of the United States military or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) can sell sell back their acquired leave days. If you don’t plan on using your leave days — or if you simply have more that what you need — selling them back could prove beneficial. […]

How to Get Promoted in the Army


There are currently more than one million active-duty men and women serving in the United States Army. One of the country’s seven branches of the armed forces, the Army focuses primarily on land-based operations. Like all branches, however, enlisted soldiers can climb the ranks to obtain higher and more esteemed titles. It’s not always easy, […]

DARPA Provides Veterans with Prosthetic Limbs


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has announced plans to produce military veterans who’ve lost a limb while serving with an early version of its prosthesis. Two veterans were given the “LUKE” prosthetic arms during a production line ceremony earlier this month, indicating that DARPA is making great strides to turn the vision of […]

What is the US Military’s MOS?


We discussed SLRs and HORs in a previous blog post, which refer to “state of legal residence” and “home of residence” respectively. Today, we’re going to discuss another common term used in the U.S. military: MOS. Even if you’re familiar with SLRs and HORs, perhaps you’re not familiar with MOS. So, what is MOS and […]

US Army: SLR vs HOR


Whether you’re currently enlisted in the U.S. Army or thinking of enlisting, you’ve probably heard of the terms “home of record” and “state of legal residence.” Abbreviated HOR and SOL respectively, they live up to their namesakes by defining where you live. However, HOR is different than SOL, and it’s important for servicemembers to familiarize […]

Military Researchers Begin Testing Sea Drone


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an advanced weapons research organization commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense, has announced the second phase tests of its new sea-based drone. Dubbed “Tern,” or Tactically Exploited Reconnaissance Node,” the project is a joint collaboration between DARPA and the Office of Naval Research, with the two organizations […]

US Army Contests New Name for NHL’s Expansion League


Earlier this month, the National Hockey League (NHL) unveiled the name for its new expansion franchise, the Vegas Golden Knights. While most people responded positively to the news, there was one organization that did not welcome the name: the U.S. Army. So, why is the Army upset with the new NHL’s expansion franchise? Apparently, the […]