4 Reasons to Fly the American Flag on Labor Day

There’s no better time than Labor Day to display the American flag. The U.S. Flag Code states that the American flag can be flown on any day. Nonetheless, there are a few days of the year in which it’s especially fitting to fly the Stars and Stripes, one of which being Labor Day. If you’re the proud owner of an American flag, you should consider flying it in front of your home or business on this national holiday. Below are four important reasons to fly the American flag on Labor Day.

#1) Honor American Workers

Displaying the American flag on Labor Day allows you to honor American workers. Held annually on the first Monday in September, Labor Day is meant to celebrate the nation’s workforce. According to the Pew Research Center, there are approximately 157 million workers in the United States. Some of these workers have blue-collar jobs, whereas others have white-collar jobs. Regardless, they all play an essential role in keeping our nation up and running. By displaying the American flag on Labor Day, you’ll pay tribute to these great workers.

#2) It’s an Official Flag Holiday

Labor Day is an official flag holiday in the United States. According to the U.S. Flag Code, it’s especially fitting to fly the American flag on Labor Day. Therefore, if you own an American flag, you should use this opportunity to display it. Labor Day celebrates our nation’s workers, so it’s considered an official flag holiday under the U.S. Flag Code. You can still fly the American flag on other days of the year, but it’s particularly important to fly it on Labor Day.

#3) It’s a Full-Staff Holiday

Although there are other flag holidays, Labor Day is considered a full-staff holiday. In other words, the American flag should be flown at full-staff on Labor Day. Other official flag holidays are considered half-staff. Half-staff holidays typically consist of days of mourning. Labor Day is a day of celebration, so it’s considered a full-staff holiday. By displaying the American flag on Labor Day, you can hoist it all the way to the top of your flagpole.

#4) Celebrates the USA

You’ll not only celebrate American workers by flying the American flag on Labor Day; you’ll celebrate the United States as well. The American flag is symbolic of our country’s values and everything for which it stands. When you fly the American flag on Labor Day, you’ll show your appreciation for the United States while celebrating it in the process.

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