5 Features to Look for in a High-Quality American Flag

Not all American flags are made equal. Some of them are of higher quality than others. Because of the symbolism behind our country’s official flag, it’s important to choose the former type. High-quality American flags look better, last longer and project a more patriotic design than their lower-quality counterparts. By looking for the five following features, you can find a high-quality American flag to display in front of your home or business.

#1) Weather-Resistant Fabric

You can find American flags made of a variety of fabrics. With that said, not all of them are able to withstand the weather. Cotton American flags, for instance, have a tendency to quickly degrade when displayed outdoors. Nylon and polyester American flags, on the other hand, offer a higher level of resistance to the weather. You can display a nylon or polyester American flag outdoors without fear of it degrading. Both of these synthetic fabrics are weather resistant, making them ideal for use in American flags.

#2) Proper Design Specification

Of course, you should choose an American flag with the proper design specification. Title 4 of the United States Flag Code contains specifications for the design of the American flag. The colors, for instance, should consist of White, Old Glory Red and Old Glory Blue. The width of each stripe should also be one-thirteenth of the flag’s total height. These are just a few of the design specifications for the American flag. If you’re going to buy an American flag, you should choose one that follows these specifications.

#3) UV Treated

High-quality American flags should be treated to protect against Ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light, including sunlight, can degrade flags. It won’t happen overnight, but UV light can cause flags to fade and degrade. Fortunately, high-quality American flags are UV treated to protect against this degradation.

#4) Lock Stitching

Another feature to look for in a high-quality American flag is lock stitching. Lock stitching is a stitching technique that’s designed to prevent the threads from unraveling. With lock stitching, American flags are less likely to fray and unravel.

#5) Flag star with Embroidery

It’s recommended that you choose an American flag with embroidered stars. Some of the cheaper American flags have stars that are printed — or even glued — directly onto the field. Embroidered stars use a different technique. They are sewn directly into the flag, resulting in a superior level of strength. High-quality American flags have embroidered stars such as this. These are just a few features to look for in a high-quality American flag.

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