5 Fun Facts About Hawaii’s State Flag

Like the other 49 states, Hawaii has its own official state flag. If you’ve ever been to The Aloha State, you’ve probably seen it. Countless businesses, residents and government institutions proudly display it. You might be surprised, however, to learn the five following facts about Hawaii’s state flag.

#1) It Features the UK Union Jack Flag

Hawaii’s flag is the only official state flag that features another country’s flag in it. In the upper-left corner of Hawaii’s flag is the United Kingdom’s Union Jack. The rest consists of eight horizontal stripes in alternating white, red and blue colors. The Hawaii Kingdom had strong relations with the United Kingdom, which prompted Hawaii to include the United Kingdom’s Union Jack in its official state flag.

#2) Stripes Represent Islands

The eight stripes in Hawaii’s state flag represent Hawaii’s eight major islands. While Hawaii has dozens of islands, it’s comprised primarily of eight large and major islands. Each of the eight horizontal stripes in Hawaii’s state flag represents one of these islands. Older versions of Hawaii’s state flag only had seven stripes. Over the years, the eighth stripe was added. Nonetheless, the eight stripes in Hawaii’s state flag represent Hawaii’s eight major islands.

#3) Ranked as the 11th Most Popular Flag Design

Hawaii’s flag is recognized as being popular among the public. According to a survey conducted by researchers from the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA), Hawaii has the 11th most popular flag design out of 72 Canadian territories and U.S. states. There’s no denying the fact that Hawaii’s state flag is attractive. It features a simple yet colorful design that’s attractive and easy on the eyes. Perhaps this is why it ranks as one of the most popular flags among the general public.

#4) Hawaii Flag Dag

In the United States, June 14 is recognized as annual Flag Day. With that said, Hawaii has designated a separate day of the year to celebrate the adoption of its state flag. July 31 is recognized as Hawaiin Flag Day. On Hawaiin Flag Day, residents and tourists alike celebrate Hawaii’s state flag by proudly displaying it.

#5) Adopted in 1845

Hawaii originally adopted the current version of its official state flag in 1845. Prior to this period, Hawaii used a different version consisting of just seven stripes. As previously mentioned, the eight stripe was added to signify Hawaii’s eight major islands. Since 1845, Hawaii’s state flag has remain unchanged. It still features the United Kingdom’s Union Jack in the upper-left corner along with eight horizontal stripes throughout the rest of the flag.