5 Fun Facts About the Mississippi State Flag

Have you seen the Mississipi state flag? It features a colorful design consisting of two vertical and red stripes on the outside, which are bordered by two vertical and gold stripes. In the center of the Mississipi, state flag is a magnolia over the phrase “In God We Trust” against a blue background. Whether you live in Mississipi or elsewhere, though, there are probably some things you don’t know about it. Here are five fun facts about the Mississipi state flag.

#1) Latest Design Adopted in 2021

The latest design of the Mississippi state flag was adopted in 2021. As a result, it’s considered the newest state flag in the United States. On January 21, 2021, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves signed a law recognizing the aforementioned design as the official Mississipi state flag. Because of its young age, the Mississipi state flag isn’t as popular as other state flags. Nonetheless, most government buildings in Mississippi now use it.

#2) Original Design Adopted In 1861

Of course, Mississipi had an official flag prior to the adoption of its latest design. The first design was adopted in 1861. Also known as the Magnolia Flag, it featured a magnolia tree against a white background. In the upper-left corner of the Magnolia Flag was a blue field with a single white star in the center. Just a few years after its adoption, though, state lawmakers declared the Magnolia Flag as null and void, thus prompting the adoption of a new design.

#3) Magnolia Represents Hospitality

You might be wondering why both the latest design and the original design of the Mississipi flag features a magnolia. When speaking about the state’s flag, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History explained that the magnolia is a symbol of Mississipi’s hospitality.

#4) Not the Only Flag With ‘In God We Trust’

The Mississipi state flag isn’t the only state flag with the phrase “In God We Trust.” There are two other state flags with this same phrase: Georgia and Florida. The Georgia state flag and the Florida state flag feature different colors and designs, but they share the same “In God We Trust” phrase as the Mississipi state flag.

#5) 20 Stars Represents Statehood

When viewing the Mississipi state flag, you’ll notice a ring of 20 stars around the magnolia. These 20 stars represent Mississipi’s statehood. Mississipi joined the Union in 1817. At the time, it was the 20th state to be added. Therefore, the modern-day Mississipi state flag features 20 stars to represent its statehood.