5 Fun Facts About the Nevada State Flag

Have you come across the Nevada state flag? Consisting of the state’s emblem against a blue field, it’s become synonymous with The Silver State. It even references the state’s defacto nickname in a subtle manner. While the Nevada state flag has been around for over a century, however, most Americans don’t know its true origins. Below are five fun facts about the Nevada state flag and how it came to be.

#1) Originally Designed by Governor John Sparks

It’s a little-known fact that the Nevada state flag was originally designed by Governor John Sparks. In 1905, Sparks and Col. Harry Day came up with the design by referencing the American flag. They wanted the Nevada state flag to feature a similar level of boldness as the American flag. Therefore, Sparks and Day decided to use cobalt blue for the field. Cobalt blue is the same dark blue color found on the American flag. On the Nevada state flag, cobalt blue is used for the field, which encompasses most of the overall design.

#2) Current Version Designed in 1926

While Sparks and Day were responsible for designing the first Nevada state flag, the current version of the flag wasn’t designed until a few decades later. In 1926, Nevada held a contest to come up with a new design for its flag. The winner of the competition was Louis Shellback III. Shellback made a few major changes to the original design. And even after this version was adopted, state lawmakers further modified the design.

#3) Silver Star Represents Nevada’s Nickname

When inspecting the Nevada state flag, you may notice a large silver-colored star in the upper-left corner. This is part of Nevada’s official seal. Most importantly, though, it represents Nevada’s nickname. Nevada’s nickname is The Silver Star State. While the flag doesn’t feature these words, it does have a large silver-colored star in the upper-left corner, which represents Nevada’s nickname.

#4) References Statehood During the Civil War

There’s a reference to Nevada’s statehood during the Civil War in its flag. Above the silver-colored star is a banner with the words “Battle Born.” Battle born, of course, is one of Nevada’s official state mottos. It means that Nevada joined the United States during the Civil War.

#5) Features the Sagebrush

The Nevada state flag features the sagebrush. There are actually two sagebrushes in the current version. You can find them directly under the Nevada emblem in the upper-left corner. The sagebrush is the official flower of Nevada, which is why it’s featured in the state’s flag.