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Sweetest Reunion Moments

Talk about pulling it all together, life is a like a puzzle, a complete picture in a box, but sometimes the key pieces are missing.  Some are layered under others, just waiting to be found and others are actually in plain sight, just out of reach.  Families are like puzzles and in the face of


Soldier Homecoming Moments

When soldiers get deployed, they are not only going off to risk their lives, they are also putting their lives and their loved ones on hold while they go and protect our country. These brave men and women are so missed they their family and friends, that when they finally come home, the reunions are


Why Is America The Symbol of Freedom?

The land of the free, and the home of the brave. These simple words have defined a nation for more than 200 years and carry more weight than we can possibly imagine. Freedom isn’t free.  Another phrase we have heard many times, and another we quite possibly overlook on a regular basis.  America is a


Awesome Songs Sung by America’s Best Singing Soldiers

It’s important to remember that our soldiers are normal people too. They are out there protecting our country, but they also have dreams, ambitions and hopes that go beyond surviving the day. In the following videos, you’re going to be touched, inspired and awed by the talent and feeling which these hard working soldiers put


10 Facts You May Not Know About Our National Flag

Even our National Flag has some interesting secrets to tell that avid flag lovers out there will be tickled to know. Beef up on your American Flag history and surprise your family and friends with your newly found historical prowess. What do you call a person who is an expert on flag history? A Vexillologist.


The Hunt for the 200-Year Old Star-Spangled Flag

Have you visited your attic lately? If you happen to stumble upon a red, white or blue woven wool marked with Fort McHenry in your attic, this may be a part of the massive 200-year old flag that was raised in Fort Baltimore during a British attack. This 30 x 42-foot flag was the inspiration


Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a celebrated in the United States every fourth Thursday of November. It’s a time for families to gather together for a day of Thanksgiving feasting, some turkey, and football. But did you know that during the first Thanksgiving celebration, there was no turkey at all? America’s Thanksgiving celebration is already a combination of


Care and Repair of your American Flag

The American flag is a symbol of freedom, unity, and strength for over 200 years. It is just right that every individual owning one treat it with due respect. If you want to prolong the life of your flag, then proper care and maintenance should be given to it. Here are some Quick and Easy


American Flag Etiquette

The American Flag has its own code that describes how it should and should not be used. Here are guidelines on how to properly display and care of your American flag. FLAG DOs Universal Custom of Displaying the flag The American flag should be flown on stationary flagstaffs, in an open area, on buildings or


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