How to Celebrate Independence Day

With Independence Day right around the corner, there’s no better time than the present to begin planning your party. Held annually on July 4, Independence Day is a federal holiday that’s designed to honor the adoption of the Deceleration of Independence. So, if you’re looking to plan an Independence Day party, here are some tips to make a success.

Grilled Food

Independence Day is the perfect time for a cookout. Whether it’s hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, steaks or a combination thereof, you can’t go wrong with grilled food on this federal holiday. Keep in mind, however, that millions of other like-minded Americans will be grilling out on Independence Day (and the weekend), so buy your food and beverages in advance. If you wait until the day before your party, you may be forced to order out instead.

Seating and Tables

Your Independence Day party needs seating and tables for guests. Depending on where you plan to host the party and how many guests you invite, you may already have enough seating and tablets. If you’re hosting the party on your patio, for instance, perhaps you can use your existing outdoor dining set. But if you plan on hosting it elsewhere, such as a local park, you’ll need to bring your own. Either way, you need to prepare enough seating and tablets to satisfy your guests’ needs.

Display the American Flag

Assuming you aren’t displaying one already, consider flying the American flag over your home on Independence Day. After all, this holiday acknowledges our nation’s independence from Britain, so it only makes sense to display the American flag. You can even go one step further by handing out small American flags to your guests.

Check the Weather

Of course, it’s also a good idea to check the weather when planning an Independence Day party. Being that most Independence Day parties are held outside, a rainstorm could force you and your guests to go indoors — at least until the rain stops. If the local weather is calling for rain, prepare an indoor area where you and your guests can seek shelter.


Countless cities throughout the country host fireworks displays on Independence Day. If you plan on setting off your own fireworks, however, you should use caution to avoid injury and property damage. For starters, check local and state laws to determine what fireworks are allowed. Also, keep a garden hose on hand to spray any fireworks that fail to launch.