Coming Home from Deployment

Coming back home from deployment can provide a wide range of different emotions. While everyone may be overjoyed and ecstatic that you have returned, the experience for you can often be much more stressful and even disappointing. For a while now you have had big time responsibilities under highly demanding circumstances. Civilian life can often seem boring and inadequate. With substance abuse increasing along with the stress and irritability from post traumatic stress disorder, adjusting to a normal lifestyle is a tough task for many. As you prepare for the return home, there are many different techniques to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Preparation before the reunion is one of the best possible things both you and your loved ones waiting for you can do to make the move back easy. Make sure everyone is on the same page for your arrival so it can bee smooth and enjoyable for everyone involved. On the day of a return, patience and giving yourself plenty of time to relax are key to having an enjoyable day. One of the best things you can do is make positive comments about changes when you return home. No one wants to be criticized and negatively critiqued right off the bat. Showing your spouse a lot of thanks and appreciation for what they have done while you have been gone. They are probably incredibly proud of the sacrifice you have made for your country, the least you can do is show that equal level of appreciation for the difficult job they have taken on in your absence.

Coming Home 2Things around the house may have changed since you have been gone. From who does what chores, to what time dinner is, and other various things. While you may have a way in your mind as to how things should be running, it is important to try out the new way things are running around the house and this format has now become the new norm. Some of the ideas will most likely change to help you get back in the swing of things, but be sure to let your spouse know that you respect the rules and structure they have set up while you have been gone.

Communication is key when you are returning home from deployment. The more you communicate with your family, the easier the transition back will be. Never be afraid to ask for help and be sure to enjoy your time home.

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