Flag of South Korea
South Korea flag
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South Korea flag

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  • Size: 3 by 5 foot
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3 by 5 foot

The National flag of the Republic of Korea has a white background with a red and blue circle placed in the center. Surrounding the red and blue circle are four black trigrams, one toward each corner of the flag. The flag is known as “Taegukgi” which means “supreme ultimate flag”.

Not only is the flag of South Korea one of the most unique designs in the world, but the design actually has significant meaning, even the white background. The color white has always played a significant role in South Korea’s history. The white symbolizes peace and purity, and it was a very common color of attire during the 19th Century. The circle in the middle represents yin-yang or balance in the universe. The red half of the circle is symbolic of positive cosmic forces, while the blue is symbolic of negative cosmic forces, each of which balances out the other. The circle refers to the origin of all things in the universe, that everything is created and develops through the interaction between yin and yang; thus, it symbolizes creation and development. The central thought is perfect harmony and balance. The four trigrams at the corners also communicate the concept of opposites and balance. The upper-left trigram consists of 3 solid bars and represents heaven; the lower left trigram consists of 2 solid bars with a split middle bar and symbolizes fire; the upper right trigram is 2 split bars with a solid middle bar and represents water; and the lower right trigram consists of 3 split bars symbolizing earth.

The flag of South Korea was adopted October 14, 1949, and the current version adopted on May 30th, 2011.
The action/drama film “Taegukgi” is named after the flag of South Korea. The movie is about two brothers drafted into the South Korean army at the outbreak of the Korean War. The older brother, Jin-tae, decides he has to protect his younger sibling, and in time becomes a war hero.

Flag of the Republic of South Korea