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With Wisconsin’s state flag, it was designed back in 1866 as a flag for battlefield use and not until 1913 when the state specified the design of the state flag. Wisconsin entered the union on May 29, 1848, and is the 30th state to do so. The flag was criticized because it was too expensive and was described as cluttered when it was suggested to add the word Wisconsin on it. Later on the word Wisconsin and 1848 was then added to distinguish it from other blue state flags. Wisconsin is surrounded by Minnesota in the west, and Iowa and Chicago at the south.

Wisconsin came from the Cheppewa Indian word “Ouisconsin” that meant “river that meanders through something red.” Wisconsin is nicknamed the Badger state and has the motto Forward. The state tree is the Sugar Maple, the American Water Spaniel as the state dog, Wood Violet as state flower, Robin as the state bird, the Mourning Dove as the state symbol of peace, Polka as the state dance, Muskellunge as state fish, and the White-tailed Deer being the state wildlife animal. There are 2 national forests, 13 state forests, 46 state parks, and 11 recreation areas. More Wisconsin Flag questions are .

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