Google Launches New Service to Help Veterans Find Jobs

A report published by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) found that the unemployment rate for military veterans was about 4 percent as of 2017. While this is relatively low, it still means that hundreds of thousands of veterans are unable to secure employment. To help our nation’s military veterans find jobs, the world’s most popular search engine has launched a new service.

Known as Grow with Google, the new service is designed to help veterans of the U.S. military find jobs that match their respective skills and experience. The free-to-use service, available here, features several different employment categories from which veterans can choose, including engineering, infrastructure and data centers, sales, operations and specialists. If a veteran has sales experience and wants a job as a sales rep, for example, he or she can choose the sales category to search for jobs. Grow with Google even allows veterans to specify their military job (e.g. NEC) to filter job listings to those that reflect their skills.

Grow with Google is the search engine giant’s latest effort to give back to our nation’s military veterans. Although unemployment rates for veterans are relatively low, many veterans struggle to find high-paying jobs — and that’s what Google wants to change. According to Google, about one-third of all employed veterans take jobs below their desired pay and/or skill level. Using this new service, however, veterans can find the perfect job to foster a new career.

“Through Grow with Google, our initiative to help create opportunities for all Americans, we hope to use our technology to help veterans understand the full range of opportunities open to them across many different fields. Right now those opportunities are getting lost in translation,” wrote Google in a blog post announcing the new employment service for veterans.

When using Grow with Google to find employment opportunities, veterans may discover that some jobs are marked with a “veteran-led” label. Google says that it’s adding this label to some 2.5 million U.S. businesses that are run by veterans. These veteran-friendly businesses are more likely to hire veterans than other businesses, making them an excellent choice for veteran job-seekers.

It’s unknown how many job listings Grow with Google will display. However, the search engine giant says that all veterans can use it free of charge. So, if you’re a veteran who’s struggling to find employment, try visiting Grow with Google to search for new job listings.

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