Heads Up: Navy Day Is a Flag Holiday

Do you own an American flag? If so, you should display on Navy Day. Held annually on October  27, Navy Day is an official flag holiday. The U.S. Flag Code recommends displaying the American flag every day of the year. However, it includes a list of days on which it’s particularly fitting to display the American flag. Among these flag holidays is Navy Day.

What Is Navy Day?

Navy Day is designed to honor and recognize service members of the U.S. Navy. It was established in 1922 by the Navy League of the United States. The Navy League of the United States selected October 27 for Navy Day because this was President Theodore Roosevelt’s birthday. Roosevelt, of course, was an avid naval enthusiast who served as the Secretary of the Navy. Therefore, his birthday has since become Navy Day. Navy Day is held annually on October 27. And while it’s not a federal holiday, Navy Day is listed as a flag holiday.

How to Display the American Flag on Navy Day

You can display the American flag on Navy Day by hoisting it to the top of a pole in front of your home or business.  When displaying the American flag on a pole during this flag holiday, make sure it’s hoisted all the way to the top. There are times when the American flag should be flown at half-staff, but Navy Day isn’t one of them. Instead, the American flag should be flown at full-staff on Navy Day.

Before displaying the American flag, make sure it’s clean. Flags can get dirty. If it’s been collecting dust in your attic or closet, you’ll need to clean it before displaying it on Navy Day. Most American flags can be spot cleaned using warm water and gentle dish soap. Depending on the material from which your American flag is made, you may be able to machine wash it. Regardless, it’s a good idea to clean your American flag if it’s dirty before displaying it on Navy Day or any other flag holiday.

Other Upcoming Flag Holidays

Navy Day is just one of dozens of flag holidays. Other upcoming flag holidays include Armed Forces Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Flag Day and Christmas. Of course, you can still display the American flag on other days of the year. The U.S. Flag even recommends doing so. Flag holidays are simply official holidays — or special occasions — in which it’s highly appropriate to display American flag.