Heads Up: It’s Veterans Patients Week

You’ve probably heard of Veterans Day. Held annually on Nov. 11, it’s an officially holiday in the United States that’s designed to recognize and honor our nation’s military veterans. But there’s another veterans holiday that shouldn’t be overlooked: Veterans Patients Week.

What Is Veterans Patients Week?

Veterans Week isn’t an officially recognized holiday like Veterans Day. Rather, it’s a program initiated by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that’s intended to thank military veterans who are currently receiving medial care or attention from the VA. Veterans Patients week takes place during the week of Feb. 14, which coincidentally is also Valentine’s Day. During this week, Americans are encouraged to show their appreciation to military veteran patients in VA hospitals, medical centers, outpatient clinics and nursing homes.

According to the VA, there are currently more than 9 million military veteran patients for whom it is providing healthcare services. Unfortunately, many of them don’t receive the appreciation they should, which is why the VA pioneered Veterans Patients Week. The week-long program is designed to place the limelight on our nation’s military veteran patients.

What You Can Do During Veterans Patients Week

You might be wondering what you can do to show your appreciation to military veteran patients during Veterans Patients Week. One idea is to volunteer at a local VA hospital. Most VA hospitals have volunteer programs in which you can participate. While the exact work varies, you’ll generally be assisting medical professionals as they provide healthcare services to veterans. In addition to volunteering, you can also donate money to the VA. When talking about Veterans Patients Week, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie explained that volunteer work as well as donations strengthen the VA’s ability to fulfill its commitments to our nation’s military veterans.

VA values the contributions of our volunteers, donors and partners in helping us keep the nation’s promise to our Veterans,” VA Secretary Robert Wilkie said. “These community resources confirm to America’s Veterans that we are a nation that cares and remembers their sacrifices every day.”

Don’t let Veterans Patients Week pass without showing your appreciation to our nation’s military veteran patients. Whether you volunteer at a local VA hospital, donate money or tell a veteran patient “thanks,” it’s a meaningful program that honors the 9 million veterans who are currently receiving medical care from the VA.

You can learn more about Veterans Patients week by visiting the VA’s official website here.

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