How Military Members are Making a Difference

Engineer Soldiers Make a Difference in Liberia

This article brought to us Stg. Ange Desinor for, gives us an inside look at how our engineering soldiers are making a positive difference for Ebola patients in Liberia. The amazing team of the engineers from the 902nd Engineer Battalion and the 36th Engineer Brigade built the medical facility in three weeks. It’s amazing what our men and women service members can do when they are given a mission. The soldiers were grateful to be able to provide this building that will be helping in the treatment of Ebola. Get all the heartwarming information by reading the full article here.

The Mighty 25: Veterans Poised to Make a Difference in 2015

This article, by We Are the Mighty, writing for, is going to warm your heart. If you’ve ever wondered where our best and brightest soldiers go after leaving the military, then you’re going to be thrilled when you read just how far they’ve gone. The article talks about how the lives of twenty five former combat soldiers have gone and how hard they are working to change the world for the better. This heartwarming piece will make you feel proud of our men and women service members. They have all gone on to do great things after giving their service to this country, and now continue to serve their country in various ways. You’ll want to read the full article here to see just how amazing these folks are.

Civil Affairs Soldiers Making a Difference One Project at a Time

If you want to know what kind of a difference our soldiers are making in the lives of the Iraqi people, then sit back and enjoy this article by St. Mark Bell, USA Special to American Forces Press Service for In the article, Bell interviews Col. John Huntley, commander of the 414th Civil Affairs Battalion and a twenty one year Army veteran. His small team of seventeen soldiers perform non-stop in a constant effort to help the Iraqi people better their lives. From restoring water to their crops, to helping to build schools and medical facilities to helping them navigate normal civilian administration, this group of soldiers is on the frontline every day helping to make Iraq a better place for its people. Read the full article here.

A Combat Brotherhood That Makes a Difference – Military Order of the Purple Heart

What happens to a veteran who gets wounded while deployed in a war? For one they receive the Purple Heart award and then many of them go on to join the Military Order of the Purple Heart, so they can help other wounded veterans. In this article by Vietnam Magazine for, we find out just what this amazing organization does and continues to do for veterans who have been wounded on active duty. While the organization is not as big as some other veteran groups like the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), they are just as mighty and just as committed. Find out about these awesome men and women by reading the full article here.