How to Choose the Right Flag Pole

A flag pole is an essential accessory when displaying the American flag outdoors. While the U.S. Flag Code allows for other methods of display, such as mounting the American flag to a wall, securing it to a flag pole ensures that it can flow gracefully in the wind. Not all flag poles are the same, however. There are many different types of flag poles, each of which has unique features. If you’re looking to buy a flag pole, consider the following tips.


You should pay attention to the material from which the flag pole is made. Assuming you use it outdoors, you’ll need a flag pole that’s able to withstand the weather. Brushed or coated aluminum is an excellent choice of material. Not only is it resistant to moisture; it’s lightweight. You can find flag poles available in other materials. Just remember to choose a flag pole that’s able to withstand the weather. Otherwise, it may degrade when exposed to the rain and humidity.


Along with the material, you should consider the size when shopping for a flag pole. Unless you’re planning to display it in front of a large building, you don’t need a particularly tall flag pole. Rather, a flag pole with a height of about 5 to 7 feet should suffice. At this height, you can display your American flag appropriately outside of your home or business.

No Tangle

It’s frustrating when you finally set up your American flag and raise it to the top of a flag pole, only for it to twist and tangle into a knotted mess. When displayed outdoors, your American flag will inevitably be exposed to the wind. The constant battering of wind may cause it to twist and tangle. The good news is that there are no-tangle flag poles available to prevent this from happening. When mounted on a no-tangle flag pole, your American flag will blow gracefully in the wind without turning into a knotted mess.


Keep in mind that you’ll also need a bracket with which to use your flag pole. You can’t just shove the flag pole into the ground. Rather, you’ll need to place it inside a bracket that’s properly mounted or otherwise secured to a hard surface. There are adjustable brackets available that allow you to change the angle at which your flag pole sits. Using an adjustable bracket, you can choose from a vertical, 25-degree, 50-degree or 65-degree angle.