How to Prevent Your American Flag From Sliding Down the Pole

Does your American flag constantly slide down the pole on which it’s displayed? With the exception of half-staff occasions, the American flag should always be raised to the top of a pole (known as full staff). It’s a provision of the U.S. Flag Code, which dictates how our country’s flag should be displayed, handled and maintained. Even if you raise your American flag top to the pole, however, it may not stay there. Rather, it may slide down farther down the pole. If you discover your American flag sliding down from the pole, there are few possible solutions to keep it in place.

Adjusting the Angle of the Pole

You might be able to prevent your American flag from sliding down by adjusting the angle of the pole. Flags are more likely to slide down vertical poles than angled poles. With a completely vertical and upright pole, gravity may pull down your American flag so that it’s no longer at full staff. While you can’t control gravity, you can install the pole at an angle to keep your American flag in place. Installing the pole at a 60-degree angle, for instance, will allow your American flag to hang down freely from the top. And with this angle, it will be less likely to slide down.

Connect With Grommets

Another way to prevent your American flag from sliding down the pole is to connect it with grommets. Grommets, such as those sold here, are rings that are used to secure the American flag to the pole. They typically come in packages in two. To prevent your American flag from sliding down the pole, you can connect it with one grommet at the top of the flag and another grommet at the bottom.

In addition to preventing your American flag from sliding down the pole, grommets will protect it from tangles. Displaying your American flag on a pole means that it will be exposed to the wind. As it blows in the wind, it may wrap around inside while turning into a tangled mess. Grommets prevent this from happening by offering a tangle-free way to display your American flag on the pole.

Use Sleeves

There are also sleeves that you can use to keep your American flag at the top of the pole. A sleeve is a hollowed tube that’s designed to fit over the top of the pole. After raising your American flag to the top of the top, you can place a sleeve over it. The sleeve will hold your American flag in place while also protecting it from tangles.