Pennsylvania Launches Veterans Driver’s License

Pennsylvania military veterans can now opt to receive a special driver’s license from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) indicating they served in the military. The new program was launched by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) under the authority of Maj. Gen. Tony Carrelli, who said the number of veterans who’ve elected to receive this special driver’s license shows their pride in serving the United States.

The new driver’s license comes with the same privileges as a traditional license. The only difference is that it features an American flag with the label “veteran” underneath. While the design may seem subtle, it’s an important way for veterans to tell the word that they served in the military.

So, how many veterans are using this new driver’s license? According to various reports, more than half a million Pennsylvania veterans have elected to receive this special driver’s license.

As explained by the PA DMV, state law Act 176 allows state driver’s license to indicate the bearer is a military veteran. “Act 176 of 2012 allows for the issuance of a Pennsylvania Driver’s License or Identification Card that clearly indicates that the bearer is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces. This is being accomplished by adding a Veterans Designation directly to the bearer’s Driver’s License or Identification Card,” wrote the PA DMV on its website.

It’s important to note that the veteran driver’s license doesn’t entitle the holder to any special privlidges. With that said, many businesses throughout the United States offer discounts and other exclusive deals for military veterans.

With the new license, Pennsylvania veterans can show businesses that they’ve served in the military, which may in turn allow them to receive discounts. IHOP, for instance offers 20% off to military veterans at participating locations. Penske car rentals offers 10% of all rentals booked online and an additional 10% off at pick up. Even AT&T offers 15% for all military veterans. There are literally hundreds of U.S. businesses that offer discounts such as these to military veterans. Using the new Pennsylvania driver’s license, veterans can show they’ve served in the military to receive these perks.

To qualify for this special driver’s license, applicants must have served in the United States Armed Forces or a reserve component. Veterans who were dishonorably discharged from service are not entitled to receive this special license.

You can learn more about Pennsylvania’s new veteran driver’s license by visiting the state’s DMV website here.