Procedures for Military Funeral

One of the many difficult results of war time is the loss of our beloved service men and women. When this happens, we all want to provide these brave men and women the military honors they deserve. If you find yourself facing this difficult task, then we hope these articles we found, that discuss not only how to go about procuring military honor services, but also a bit of the history and meaning behind them, will help you in some way.

Military Funerals: Honoring the Honorable
In this article by Taya L. Cline for, she provides the basic information you’ll need to go about procuring military honors for your deceased veteran loved one. In addition, she gives us details on exactly what you can expect from your military honors services and the procedures that will be followed. While dealing with this kind of situation is never easy for anyone, if you are working with a funeral director, they can handle most of the details for you, though they will need to get exact information from you to give to the military branch that will be handling the honors ceremony. You’ll want to get all the information by reading the full article here.

Military Funeral Service Rituals
If you’re wondering what to expect at a military funeral, then this article posted on will be very helpful. Not only does the article go into specific detail on what to expect from the funeral itself, but also exactly how the transfer of remains takes place at every step along the journey and how the family is notified in the event of a death of an active duty person. Every veteran who was honorably discharged is eligible for military funeral rights, at no cost, whether they were killed in active duty, retired or just honorably discharged. Read the full article here.

Military Funeral

A Final Salute: Know the Symbolism Behind Military Funerals
The symbolism and rituals involved in full military honors funerals are steeped in tradition, and this article by Derek Hartley for, outlines the meaning in the symbolism and rituals. From the details of why the flag is draped over the coffin in a certain way, to the history and meaning of the twenty one gun salute and the playing of taps, Derek gives us the historical significance and the differences of meaning between the branches of service. In addition, he enlightens us on the meaning of the folding of the flag, and there’s a link to find out what each fold signifies. For all of the information, read the full article here.

Military Funeral Honors
According to this article posted on, public law 106-65 is the regulation that states every eligible Veteran shall receive a military funeral honor ceremony. Of course it’s up to the family how they want things handled, however, if they want military honors, then they are entitled to that at no cost. The article states that the details are typically handled by funeral directors, however, the department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration staff may also be of assistance. To get all the details, read the full article here.

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