Questions to Ask a Recruitment Officer


There’s simply nothing that compares to the pride and patriotism you’ll get when serving in the military. Regardless of which branch you intend to serve, you’ll feel a sense pride knowing that you are working to protect our nation’s core values. But the first step towards serving in the military is meeting with a recruitment officer. So, what kind of questions should you ask during this meeting?

How Long Does Basic Training Last?

Before you can be deployed for active service, you must first go through basic training. If you are unfamiliar with basic training — and most recruits are — you may want to ask the recruitment officer how long it takes. Typically,  it’s 10 weeks for all Military Occupation Specialties (MOS) and 14-16 weeks for Infantry and Armor OSUT. But again, this is a question that only your recruitment officer can answer.

When Will I Leave for Basic Training?

This is among the most common questions asked by new recruits, and for good reason: sometimes its weeks before recruits begin basic training, and other times its months. Before basic training can begin, however, recruits must pass both the written test and physical examination, which is why there’s a delay between signing up for the military and participating in basic training.

What Kind of Documentation Do I Need?

Of course, you’ll need to supply the proper documentation if you wish to join the military. Again, only your recruitment officer can tell you exactly which documents you need, but some of which may include your birth certificate, driver’s license, social security card, and high school diploma.

What Type of Benefits Can I Expect?

Aside from the unmatched feeling of pride and patriotism, there are other perks to serving in the military. Ask your recruitment officer what kind of benefits you can expect, including your salary. Payment for serving in the military varies depending on the job role, experience, rank, specialties, and more. However, your recruitment officer should be able to provide you with a ballpark figure, as well as other benefits.

What are The Entrance Requirements

The military doesn’t accept just anyone. Recruits must meet certain entrance requirements to joint. When meeting with a recruitment officer, ask him or her what the requirements are. They usually include age, height, weight, and medical. Even if you do not currently meet the requirements, you may be eligible for a delayed entry program.r.

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