Quilts of Valor Awarded to 37 US Veterans in Somerset County

Thirty-seven U.S. military veterans living in Somerset County, New Jersey have been awarded a Quilt of Valor, according to a report by the local news affiliate WJAC. The organization, which has been operating since 2003, offers healing through hand-stitched quilts. These aren’t just traditional quilts, however. Quilts of Valor are meticulously stitched using donated materials.

To learn more about this program and how it’s now helping more than three dozen veterans in Somerset County, keep reading.

What Is Quilts of Valor?

Quilts of Valor are a way of saying “thanks” to our nation’s military veterans. They are produced and distributed by the Quilts of Valor Foundation – a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide healing through beautifully constructed quilts.

According to the organization’s website, the Quilts of Valor mission statement is:

“Quilts = Healing. The model appeared simple: have a volunteer team who would donate their time and materials to make a quilt. One person would piece the top and the other would quilt it. I saw the name for this special quilt. It was a Quilt of Valor.”

The nonprofit organization was created in the early 21st century after founder Catherine Roberts’s son was deployed in Iraq. Shortly after her son’s deployment, Roberts had a dream in which she envisioned a disturbed veteran who was struggling to live a normal life. In the dream, however, the veteran became instantly comforted after wrapping himself in a quilt. Because of this dream, Roberts was compelled to start the Quilts of Valor foundation, which has since distributed nearly a quarter-million Quilts to veterans as well as active-duty servicemen and women throughout the country.

Why Were These Veterans Chosen for the Award?

News reports show that the 37 U.S. military veterans in Somerset County who were recently awarded a Quilt of Valor were nominated for the accolade by the Salisbury Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary. The veterans were awarded the Quilts for different reasons, but they all share one thing in common: honorable service in one of our nation’s branches of the armed forces.

Quilts of Valor are more than just blankets; they are a sign of appreciation to our nation’s military veterans. With each Quilt taking several days to make – about 20 hours, on average – they require a great deal of effort to produce. All the materials used in Quilts of Valor, however, are donated by businesses and individuals who care about our nation’s veterans.

Here are some other ways you can thank a military veteran for their service.

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