Soldier Homecoming Moments

When soldiers get deployed, they are not only going off to risk their lives, they are also putting their lives and their loved ones on hold while they go and protect our country. These brave men and women are so missed they their family and friends, that when they finally come home, the reunions are truly something to see. That’s why we’ve collected our five favorite reunion videos for you to enjoy.

#1: Soldier Returns in Time to Surprise Best Friend at ASU Graduation

In this video presented by WorldSurprise, we see the incredibly touching surprise visit, soldier Tina gives to her best friend Allen on his graduation day. The two hadn’t seen each other in a very long time and both were feeling bad that Tina couldn’t be there for Allen’s big day, but luck prevailed and she made it home in time to help him celebrate his big day. See the incredibly touching full video below:

#2: Too Cute – See This Cat’s Reaction When His Soldier Comes Home.

You might think that only dogs can show how much they miss their people when they return from being deployed, but in this video on we see that cats can get just as excited. This poor kitty really missed his soldier daddy and literally jumps into his arms when he finally makes it in the door. The reunion is completely adorable and if it’s not obvious by the cats meows waiting for his soldier to finally walk through the door, that leap into his arms tells you, even our cats miss us when we’re gone. Watch the full video on their site.

#3: Soldier Returns Home to Meet His Newborn Son for the Very First Time

In this beautiful article and accompanying video provided to us by Steven Ertelt, for, we experience the very real emotions of a returning soldier as he sees his baby son for the first time. It’s important to remember that our men and women in the service of our country do more than put their lives on the line; they also put them on hold. The touching video that accompanies this article really reminds us that we need to be thankful every day. Warm your heart by seeing the full video and reading the entire article on their site

PHOTO CREDIT: The National Guard

#4: Deployed Soldier Surprises Wife to Meet Newborn Daughter for the First Time

Scott Stump for brings us this incredibly touching video and accompanying story about a soldier who had been deployed and thought he would not be able to see his newborn daughter but was given a gift of one week of leave and was able to surprise his wife, new daughter and little two year old son. They only had a week together after the birth of his new daughter, but they are all grateful they had at least that. Read the full article and see the emotional video on their site.

#5: OMG I Almost Cried! You Have to See How These Soldiers Were Welcomed Home!

In this incredibly touching compilation video posted by, we get to see many soldiers coming home to their dogs and the fabulously warm welcomes they get. Whoever doesn’t think that our pets are part of the family clearly has never left one for any length of time and received the heartfelt welcomes and unconditional love that only our pets can provide. Watch the full video below: