Teaching Patriotism and Respect

At times, it can seem that the generations beneath us seem to not hold patriotism in very high regard. As Americans, it is our duty to instill this sense of pride into the next generation and make sure they know what sacrifices were made by the millions of men and women before them to give them the freedoms and liberties that they have today. Whether it is our own children, or the children we just happen to have an influence on, showing them what patriotism is and how to have pride for your country and respect for veterans is something we should all strive to teach.

There are many ways to teach children today about patriotism and what it means to have pride in your country. One of the best ways is using the most recognizable symbol in this country, the American flag. The next time you see an American flag, point it our to your kids and tell them about why it is so important and teach them about the different symbolisms it contains. From the 13 stripes representing the original 13 colonies who wished to live freely and not under British tyranny, to the 50 stars on the flags representing the 50 states we know today as part of the union, showing kids to respect the flag and honor it is a great way to teach them about patriotism.

Do your kids watch the Olympic games with you? The national anthem is something you will see a lot of during these types of sporting events and your kids  may wonder about it. Take this opportunity to teach them about the national anthem and it’s history and why we sing it. Point out the meanings of some of the lyrics and tell them the story behind them. Showing them that we stand and be silent or sing along with our hands on our hearts as a sign of respect is a great way to show them how to honor America.

The best day out of the year to show your kids the importance of patriotism and why we celebrate and honor our country the way that we do is on Independence Day. Among the festivities and celebrations on the 4th of July, be sure to tell your kids about the history of Independence Day and how it started the Revolutionary War which would set our country on the path to get to where we are today as the world’s most prosperous nation.

Independence is something many of us can take for granted in the world today. Instilling this pride of your country into the next generation is not only a great way to pass the torch, but to remind us how great this nation is and how we are blessed to live in a free nation.

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