The History of the Virginia State Flag

There’s a rich and compelling history behind all 50 official states in the United States, and the Virginia state flag is no exception. It’s been around for over a century. During that time, millions of Americans have proudly displayed it in front of their homes and businesses. To learn more about the Virginia state flag and how it came to be, keep reading.

About the Virginia State Flag

The Virginia state flag consists of the state’s official seal against a blue background. Within the flag’s seal is the Roman Goddess Virtue wielding a sword in one hand and a spear in the other hand. Virtue is depicted standing over a tyrant, thus symbolizing the defeat of tyranny. Below this depiction is the phrase “Sic semper tyrannic,” meaning “Thus always to tyrants.”

Origins of the Virginia State Flag

The first Virginia state flag was adopted by lawmakers in 1861 following Virginia’s succession from the Union. After its succession, lawmakers in Virginia sought designs for an official state flag. Virginia already had an official seal. Known as the Commonwealth of Virginia seal, it was designed in the 18th century. Lawmakers recognized the important and meaningful symbolism of this seal, which prompted them to use it for the state’s official flag.

Tips on Displaying the Virginia State Flag

Whether you live in Virginia or elsewhere, you can display the Virginia state flag. However, there are a few things you should know. Like with all flags, you should consider the location where you intend to display the Virginia state flag. If you’re planning to display it outdoors, you’ll need to choose a weather-resistant Virginia state flag. When displayed indoors, weather resistance isn’t necessary.

It’s a good idea to wash your Virginia state flag on a regular basis. Most flags are made of washable materials. Over time, your Virginia state flag will collect dirt and debris. By cleaning it, you’ll preserve its appearance while making it last longer in the process. With that said, hand-washing is recommended to protect your Virginia state flag from unnecessary wear and tear. Hand-washing is gentler than machine-washing.

You can display the Virginia state flag with the American flag. When displaying both flags on a pole, the American flag should be at the top, while the Virginia state flag should be directly below it. This is the proper way to display a state flag, including the Virginia state flag, with the American flag.