The History of the Wyoming State Flag

Each U.S. state has an official flag — and Wyoming is no exception. The Wyoming state flag, in fact, has been around for over a century. Since then, the design has only been changed a single time. Whether you live in Wyoming or elsewhere, you may have encountered the Wyoming state flag. Countless homeowners and businesses owners display the Wyoming state flag, either by itself or in conjunction with the American flag. To learn more about the history of the Wyoming state flag, keep reading.

What Is the Wyoming State Flag?

The Wyoming state flag features a simple design consisting of the state’s official seal in the center of a buffalo. Surrounding the buffalo is a blue background, which features a white inner border and a red outer border.

What Does the Wyoming State Flag Symbolize?

Each element of the Wyoming state flag is a specific meaning. The red outer, for instance, symbolizes the Native Americans and the blood of early settlers who gave their lives. The white inner border, on the other hand, symbolizes purity. The buffalo, of course, is Wyoming’s official state mammal. Therefore, it’s included in the Wyoming state flag. The Wyoming state flag features a buffalo with the state’s official seal against a blue background with a white inner border and a red outer border.

Origins of the Wyoming State Flag

The Wyoming state flag has origins dating back to 1916. During this year, the Wyoming Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) held a contest in which they asked the public for flag designs. To entice the public to participate, the DAR offered a $20 prize reward to the winner. After receiving 37 designs, they eventually selected a recent art institution graduate named Verna Keays as the winner. Keays’ design was signed into law just one year, thus becoming the official Wyoming state flag.

In Keays’ design, the buffalo faced away from the pole or hoist. Lawmakers concluded that it would be more appropriate to have the buffalo face in the opposite direction. By having the buffalo face towards the pole or hoist,  they believed the Wyoming state flag would have a more balanced design. Therefore, they revised the design soon after to feature this alternative position for the buffalo. All other elements of the Wyoming state flag remained. The only difference is that this new design has the buffalo facing in the opposite direction to achieve a more balanced design.