US Army Chooses Austin as Site for New Futures Command

The U.S. Army has selected Austin, Texas as the site for its new Futures Command. Once completed, the Army will use the new Texas-based headquarters to develop new weapons and train soldiers.

The Army first announced plans to build a new Futures Command last year while speaking at a conference in Washington. Shortly thereafter, the Army has announced more than 150 cities in the United States as potential sites for the new headquarters. Although it took awhile, the Army has now selected a winner: Austin, Texas.

Few details have been released regarding the new Futures Command. However, the Army says it will be run by a four-star general, who hasn’t been named yet, who will oversee the headquarters’ operations.

So, why did the Army choose Austin rather than one of the 149 other U.S. cities? Army leaders said their goal was to choose a location with a combination of both educational and industrial infrastructures. Of course, Austin fits this criteria perfectly. It’s a bustling city that consistently ranks as one of the top places to live in the United States. It has the Texas A&M University as well as a strong industrial and commercial infrastructure, making it ideal for the Army’s new headquarters.

When speaking about the Army’s decision to build its new Futures Command in Austin, Texas A&M’s Amy smith explained that it’s beneficial for the University as well as the public and businesses.

It’s great for the Texas A&M and the Aggie family. It’s great for other schools in the state, for business and for people who will be employed. Most of all, it’s important to the people who are in the field who will benefit from the technology wherever in the world they may be that will come out of this announcement,” said Amy Smith, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Texas A&M.

It’s also worth mentioning that the new Futures Command will attract defense contractors to Austin. Defense contractors are always moving to wherever the Army operates. With plans to open its New Futures Command in Austin, the Army will likely bring more business to Texas’s capital.

There’s no official date on when the new Futures Command will be completed. However, work has already begun on the new headquarters, with the Army setting up a temporary office in Virginia. Once the Austin-based Futures Command is complete, it will hold around 500 soldiers and civilian personnel.

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