US Army Considering Philadelphia for New Headquarters

The U.S. Army is considering the City of Brotherly Love for the location of its new headquarters. According to various news reports, an Army spokesperson confirmed that it has narrowed down its possible choices to five cities, one of which is Philadelphia.

Being the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia would undoubtedly make an excellent location for the U.S. Army’s new headquarters. Most importantly, though, Philadelphia has become a technical hub for private companies in recent years. The Army says its headquarters will focus on training servicemembers how to identify and protect against emerging threats, presumably cyber threats like hacking. As the Army and other branches of the Armed Forces continue to use digital methods to store and transmit information, hacking will remain a problem. Thankfully, the Army is combating this problem with the formation of “cyber warrior” teams.

The U.S. government has experienced an increasing number of cyber attacks in recent years. Earlier this year, for instance, the government announced that hackers had infiltrated a database used by Navy contractors, from which they stole some 600GB of data. Unfortunately, reports such as this have become all too common. And as cyber threats continue to increase, the Army will seek new ways to combat them, including the construction of a new headquarters.

While details of the U.S. Army’s new headquarters remain unknown, it’s expected to include a staff of some 500 Army servicemembers as well as a four-star general. In addition to Philadelphia, other cities that the U.S. Army is considering for its new headquarters include Boston, Raleigh and Austin. An Army spokesperson confirmed that Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle and Atlanta are no longer being considered. Rather, it will select one of the aforementioned cities for its new headquarters.

Of course, the Army is a key branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. It’s primarily responsible for land-based warfare, consisting of nearly a half-million regular servicemembers as well as 343,000 National Guard, 199,000 Reserve and 333,000 civilian personnel. The Army has origins dating back several hundred years. After achieving independence from Britain, the Congress of Confederation formed the U.S. Army in 1784. Of course, the states already had the Continental Army at the time. The formation of the U.S. Army, however, was intended to replace the Continental Army while signaling a new era for the United States and its independence.

The U.S. Army is expected to announce its decision for the new headquarters before July.