What is the US Army’s Best Warrior Competition

soldier-60707_960_7201313If you currently serve in the United States Army or are thinking of enlisting in the near future, you may recall hearing about the “Best Warrior” competition. It’s arguably the single most esteemed competition in the country’s Armed Forces. To learn more about the Best Warrior competition and what it entitles, keep reading.

The Best Warrior is an annual competition in which leading soldiers in the U.S. Army, Special Operations, National Guard and Reserve compete against each other in hopes of winning the title of Best Warrior. It’s managed by the Department of Defense, with the first Best Warrior competition held in 2002. Since then, there’s been a Best Warrior competition every year, usually in the latter months around September and October. The 2016 Best Warrior competition was held in Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia on September 26 through October 3.

So, how do you participate in the Best Warrior competition? Unfortunately, it’s up to the commanding officers to decide who gets to compete. A press release for the Best Warrior competition says that each command chooses their best enlisted soldier and non-commissioned officer to compete.

The Best Warrior competition varies from year to year. However, each annual competition seeks to test soldiers’ for their aptitude. As explained on the Army’s website, soldiers must perform board interviews, physical fitness tests, exams, warfare scenarios, drills and more throughout the four-day competition. “During the four-day competition, these elite competitors will test their Army aptitude by conquering urban warfare simulations, board interviews, physical fitness tests, written exams, and Warrior tasks and battle drills relevant to today’s operating environment,” wrote the U.S. Army on its official website.

The competition doesn’t end there, however. In addition to the tests mentioned above, all competing soldiers must also go before two boards, each of which is composed of half a dozen senior sergeants, to evaluate their appearance and knowledge of military/Army topics.

While competing in the Best Army is a lot of work, the payoff is certainly worth the investment. The soldier and non-commissioned who wins the competition receives prestigious honors, as well as cash awards. Granted, the cash is a nice bonus, but the real beauty of winning the Best Army competition is the prestigious title that comes with it. Winning soldiers and non-commissioned officers go down in history as being the very best — and that’s something on which you can’t put a price.

To learn more about the Army’s Best Warrior competition, visit https://www.army.mil/bestwarrior/

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