Veterans Museum to Open in Ohio

american-1284533_960_720In just a few years, Ohio will call home to the country’s first veterans museum. First planned in 2013, the National Veterans Memorial and Museum (NVMM) was intended to honor the nearly 1 million military veterans living in Ohio. While there’s still no word yet on when exactly it will open its doors, project organizers are aiming for 2018. To learn more about the NVMM, keep reading.

The NVMM is currently under construction in the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio. According to Amy Taylor, one of the project’s lead developers, it will honor all of the nation’s veterans, paying homage to their sacrifices and struggles. There are some 22 million veterans living in the United States, many of whom have sacrificed a great deal for our freedom. The NVMM is a way of saying “thanks” to these veterans.

While the NVMM had originally been planned to focus specifically on military veterans living in Ohio, developers have since changed their focus to include all military veterans, regardless of their state of residence. This shift was attributed to the countless stories of veterans and their hardships gathered by the project’s developers. Many of these veterans didn’t consider themselves Ohio residents, so developers decided it was best to honor all veterans with the upcoming museum.

There are almost 22 million living veterans throughout the United States, from our Greatest Generation to our recent heroes coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq. And yet, there is no single monument or museum dedicated to the Veteran’s experience. There are institutions that focus on specific conflicts or branches of service, but there hasn’t been a place for us all to join together to celebrate and honor the sacrifice of all of our veterans, past and present…until now,” wrote the NVMM on its website.

Just last year, the Senate and House introduced legislation to make the museum a national facility.

So, what can you expect to see when visiting the veterans museum? Project developers say it will feature real-life stories of military veterans, both during and after their service. Building the museum isn’t cheap, however. Current estimated suggest it will cost some $75 million to complete. The good news is that developers have already generated some $60 million through private donations.

You can show your support for our nation’s veterans and everything they’ve sacrificed by visiting the new National Veterans Memorial and Museum once it opens.  Or if you really want to go the extra mile, consider donating to help fund its construction.

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