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What Every US Veteran Needs

We see it everywhere we look. The under-appreciated military veteran.

While they may have lived a completely different life than the majority of us or chosen a drastically different line of work to be involved in, the fact of the matter is their sacrifices can’t be overlooked.

Whether they were involved in heavy combat or not, there are certain things that military veterans all need in their life to help cope with life around civilians and their friends and family.

Simple Gestures

With over 23 million American veterans today, they comprise a significant percentage of our population. Unfortunately, many face more difficult battles on the return home than they ever did in the line of duty.

There are things we can do here and there to help our veterans out though, no matter how big or small they may seem.

Did you know you can donate frequent flier miles to veterans and their families? If a veteran has been hurt in the line of duty and is located at a VA hospital, there are often times where the family can’t afford to go and visit them. By donating your frequent flier miles, you can help these families get to the bedside of their loved one for support.

Providing Shelter and Support

Sadly, many veterans return home from war and are unable to find jobs or are  unable to connect with their families afterward. This leads to many veterans becoming homeless and living on the streets around the nation. There are specific ways you can help in situations like this one, such as hosting “stand downs.” These events typically last one to three days and provide food, a place to sleep, clothes, and even health screenings for veterans affected by both homelessness and unemployment. With a little help here and there, ending homelessness among veterans can hopefully happen sooner than later.

Ending homelessness among veterans is something that is on the mind of many Americans these days, and there are several ways we can all participate in finding homes for all veterans. Many shelters will have fundraisers throughout the year to raise money and awareness about what they do in order to help more and more veterans in their area. You can volunteer at these events and help spread the word around your community, as well as make a donation yourself to help these truly great Americans who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.

Mentoring Veterans

No matter what stage in life you are in, a mentor is a great person to have by your side. The same goes for veterans. Especially those returning from the line of duty and into the workforce.

A mentor can specifically help them in finding a job, getting in a rhythm with that job, and even networking inside and outside that workplace. A mentor can also help the veteran redevelop those social skills to better interact with friends and family. The more time you invest in helping a veteran out, the better off they will be.

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