What is a ‘Specialist’ in the Army?

soldiers-1002_960_720You’ll many different terms when training for or serving in the United States Army. Some of these terms refer to ranks, such as Specialist. So, what is a Specialist rank and how do you achieve it? To learn more about the Specialist rank and its requirements, keep reading.

Specialist (SPC) is a rank given in the U.S. military. It’s classified as one of four junior enlisted ranks in the Army, directly above private first class. Soldiers with the Specialist rank receive the same pay grade as soldiers with the corporal rank. Unlike their corporal counterparts, however, Specialists are not classified as junior-non commissioned officers (NCOs).

In the U.S. Army, the rank of Specialist has roots dating back nearly a century. In 1920, the government gave the Army’s ranking and pay systems a reboot. Among the changes made included reducing enlisted and NCO ranks from 128 to just seven. These ranks were numbered from lowest to highest, with the second grade featuring two rank titles: first sergeant and lozenge.

If you’re interested in becoming a Specialist in the U.S. Army, there are a few things you should know. First and foremost, this rank is generally promoted from Private First Class. However, promotion from lower ranks may occur when there’s sufficient display of experience, skills and leadership. So, don’t assume you’re a long ways off from obtaining the Specialist rank just because you’re currently at a lower rank. If you put forth the time and effort, you can climb the ranks more quickly to achieve the Specialist rank.

Of course, you might be wondering how much a Specialist in the Army earns. As stated above, it’s the same pay grade as soldiers with the corporal rank, which translates into roughly $2,046.00 per month for entry-level Specialists with less than 2 years of experience. The good news is that you’ll receive an automatic pay raise as a Specialist in the Army once every two years. Furthermore, basic pay is only a fraction of the total compensation that a Specialist will receive. Specialists in the Army may also receive allowances, hostile fire pay, housing allowance, clothing allowance, food, etc.

You can learn more about the Specialist and other ranks in the U.S. Army by visiting the official Military.com website at http://www.military.com/army/enlisted-ranks.html.

Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of the specialist rank in the U.S. Army and what it means.

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