What Is an All-Weather American Flag?

If you’re looking to buy an American flag to display outside your home or business, you might be wondering whether an all-weather American flag is worth the investment. Like standard American flags, they feature a characteristic design consisting of 13 stripes and 50 stars. All-weather American flags are distinguished, however, by their ultra-durable construction. To learn more about all-weather American flags and how they differ from standard American flags, keep reading.

All-Weather American Flag Defined

The term “all-weather American flag” refers to an ultra-durable American flag that’s designed to withstand the elements. In other words, you can safely display it outdoors without fear of it ripping, tearing, fading or otherwise succumbing to elements for about a year or two. All-weather American flags are designed specifically to withstand the elements.

Most all-weather American flags are made of either nylon or polyester. In comparison, indoor American flags are most commonly made of cotton. Cotton is an organic material, whereas nylon and polyester are synthetic materials. While cotton is soft, it lacks the protection offered by its nylon and polyester counterparts. A cotton American flag is perfectly fine for indoor displaying. But if you want to display an American flag outdoors, you should consider choosing an all-weather American flag.

Benefits of Choosing an All-Weather American Flag

You can display an all-weather American flag at any time of the day, regardless of the weather. Not only is it poor etiquette to display a standard American flag outdoors during bad weather, but it’s also against the United States Flag Code. The U.S. Flag Code states that the American flag should not be displayed when the weather is bad: “The flag should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement, except when an all-weather flag is displayed.”

The exception, as stated, is when you are displaying an all-weather American flag, in which case you can leave it outdoors during periods of bad weather. These American flags are designed to withstand rain, sleet, snow and strong winds, so you can leave them on display.

All-weather American flags also tend to last longer than standard American flags. Whether it’s made of nylon or polyester, it will probably last longer than a similar-sized American flag made of cotton. Therefore, purchasing an all-weather American flag is a smart investment that allows you to get a better bang for your buck.

Where to Find an All-Weather American Flag

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