What is the Bennington Flag?

There are different versions of the American flag, one of the most prominent being the Bennington flag. The Bennington flag (see the best one for sale here) has been around for over a century. Receiving its namesake from the Battle of Bennington, it features a combination of red-and-white horizontal stripes with stars arching against a blue background in the top-left corner. What is the Bennington flag exactly?

Overview of the Bennington Flag

The Bennington flag is an alternative version of the American flag that’s designed to commemorate the Battle of Bennington. Like the modern-day American flag, it features 13 red-and-white horizontal stripes. The Bennington flag, however, only features 13 stars in the top-right corner rather than 50. The 13 stars are also arched over the number 76, referring to the year 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

One of the turning points of the American Revolution occurred during a battle between American militiamen and British soldiers in the Virginian town of Bennington. Known as the Battle of Bennington, it ultimately led to the defeat of British General Burgoyne. The Bennington flag is meant to commemorate this battle while honoring the American militiamen who gave their lives to defend the town and its residents from the British attack.

Bennington flag history

Much of the Bennington flag’s history remains unknown. One theory is that the Bennington flag was carried by Nathaniel Fillmore.  Some historians believe that Fillmore carried the Bennington flag during the British invasion, after which he passed it down to his grandson, Millard Fillmore. After being passed down for several more generations, the Bennington flag ended up at the Bennington Museum.

Other historians reject this theory. They believe that the Bennington flag wasn’t actually flown or carried during the Battle of Bennington. Rather, they believe the Bennington flag was designed after this famous American Revolution battle. An alternative theory is that the Bennington flag was designed for commemorative purposes two to three decades after the Battle of Bennington.

Regardless of its history, the Bennington flag is a sign of honor and respect for the American militiamen who defended against the British invasion during the Battle of Bennington. Occurring in the Virginian town of Bennington, the Battle of Bennington was a turning point.  It gave the new colonies the upper-hand against the British soldiers, thus paving the way for indepence. You can commemorate the brave American militiamen who fought during the Battle of Bennington by displaying the Bennington flag in your home.