Wisconsin State Flag Frequent Questions Answered

When was the Wisconsin state flag adopted?

The Wisconsin flag was originally adopted in 1863, because the Civil War regiments wanted an official flag to fly during the war on the battlefield. The flag was redesigned in 1913 and last altered in 1979 by adding the word “Wisconsin” and the year “1848”. The current flag you see today with several changes since it’s original adoption, was adopted on May 1, 1981.

What do all the designs on the Wisconsin flag mean?

Below the state name Wisconsin, is a scroll with the word “FORWARD” on it, which reflects the optimistic character and beliefs of the citizens of the state and their hopes for the future. Below this scroll is a badger which is the state animal and honors the early lead miners. The miner represents the pioneers and early miners of the state and the sailor stands for the maritime heritage and ship building industry. The plow stands for the rich soil and agriculture of the state. The pick ax/shovel and the arm and hammer represent the mining and manufacturing industries of the state. The anchor symbolizes Wisconsin’s lakes and waterways and it’s navigation. The cornucopia represents the farm products, prosperity and abundance. The 13 ingots of lead symbolize the 13 original United States and mineral wealth. In the middle is the U.S. motto, “E Pluribus Unum” (One out of many), and the national shield which represent our support and loyalty to the Union.

Where can I purchase a Wisconsin flag?

If you want to make sure you purchase a Wisconsin flag that you know is 100% made in the U.S.A., then purchase one from Star Spangled Flags. All of their flags are made using materials from the United States and every stitch stitched in the U.S.A. They are treated to dry fast & resist sun & chemical deterioration so the colors stay strong against ultraviolet rays in the bright sunshine. They use a very strong nylon material, and use superior lock stitching, and 4 rows of lock stitching on the fly end to prevent unraveling and fraying making it incredibly durable.

How do I fly my Wisconsin and American flag together?

When flying the Wisconsin flag with the flag of the United States on the same pole, the flag of United States must always be at the top and the Wisconsin flag should be the same size or smaller. When It is flown on separate poles, the Wisconsin flag will be to the right of the flag of the United States situating the U.S. flag in the position of honor, which is to the observer’s left of the other flags.