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Flag Pole Assembly Instructions

If you prefer step by step instructions with pictures, please go here.

Or watch this video to see how to quickly attach your grommeted flag to our Spinning Flag Pole:

Flag Pole Assembly Instructions
How to quickly attach your grommeted flag to our Spinning Flag Pole
First, slide the two plastic rings onto the pole so that one is at the top and the other is just above the middle of the pole.

  1. Hold the two halves of the pole to match up the threads in the middle, insert and screw until tight.
  2. After assembly you have a 6 foot flag pole that is ready to accept your flag.
  3. The flag pole is a tangle free design. Meaning, as the wind blows, your flag pole will rotate to keep your flag from wrapping around the pole and getting tangled up.
  4. When you are ready to install the flag onto the flagpole, simply remove the thumb screw, place the grommet over the hole and re-insert the thumb screw until tight. Don’t over tighten it. It is made of plastic and you could strip it. (Even though the grommet looks like it may slide over the top of the cap, it won’t.) We suggest starting at the top and then moving to the bottom so you can make sure the flag is stretched tight on the flag pole.
  5. After getting the top secured, move down to the bottom and repeat the process. Again, ensure that everything is stretched tight so you won’t have a loose flag on your flag pole.
  6. Once everything is secured, you are ready to take your flag pole and hang it in your desired location.

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