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American flags made in USA

All American flags for sale from Star Spangled Flags are 100% made in America, the only place our Nation’s flag should be made! At Star Spangled Flags, all our United States flags are crafted using high quality cotton, nylon or polyester in both grommet and sleeve / banner style and treated to prevent pre-mature fading. Every flag comes with a certification label as proof.

Best quality flags

Star Spangled Flags use only the hardiest thread, so the stars are bright, white, strong and beautiful. You will notice we use lock stitching to prevent unraveling, along with four rows of reinforcement on the fly end. So the stitching on your American made flags you purchase from Star Spangled Flags will hold much longer than other flags that use only chain stitching. We also offer cotton flags for your indoor flag needs. We are often asked the question: should I purchase a nylon, polyester, or cotton flag? Our answer is: that depends on where and how you will use your flag. Nylon is by far the most favored flag material due to the fact that our nylon flags fly beautifully – even in a very light breeze. Our polyester flags are heavier than our nylon flags and are crafted from strong 2-ply polyester material. These flags are created to hold up in outdoor locations where the flag will endure high winds more frequently. Therefore, since the flag is heavier, it will not fly easily in light breezes. A cotton flag is most often used indoors as a banner or sometimes used to drape over a casket. You will often see a cotton flag inside government buildings, in courtrooms and churches. You may use a cotton flag outside, but it is only intended for very short-term use, like a special holiday. Since a cotton flag is heavier, when it becomes wet, the lifespan of the flag will be shortened, and it will put a burden on the flagpole and any flag attachments. All our US flags at Star Spangled Flags are started and finished onsite to assure government and military standards for Made in America are satisfied.

Buy US flags online

Some customers begin their search for “American flags for sale near me”. But they save a lot of time and effort when they shop here instead. Our best flag manufacturing procedures guarantee we provide you with unmatchable quality and value that you expect at the highest standard when you buy our American flag for sale online. Plus, your purchase is backed by our satisfaction guarantee. If we may ever be of assistance, please choose [CONTACT] at the top or bottom of any page. You may send an email or give us a call and we will assist you to the best of our ability.

Nylon American Flag Sizes: 2×3 nylon USA flag, 3×5 nylon USA flag, 4×6 nylon USA flag, 5×8 nylon USA flag

Polyester American Flags: 3×5 polyester USA flag, 4×6 polyester USA flag, 5×8 polyester USA flag

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