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Are you tired of having to walk outside to untangle your flag from around the flag pole? Well you no longer have to suffer the frustration of your flag wrapping around your pole. Our tangle-free flag pole will keep your beautiful flag flying high, proud and tangle free!

Best wall mounted flag poles

You can dress up your own home or business with any of our wall mounted no tangle flag poles! Our spinning flag poles and flagpole brackets are made with high quality white paint or brushed aluminum that is tough and guaranteed to last. Aluminum is an ideal choice for our tangle free wall mount flag poles as it is light weight yet tough, resistant to corrosion and has a high oxidation resistance. Aluminum is also non-absorbent, thus an effective barrier against gases and liquid. You may fly any 2×3 ft, 2.5×4 ft, or 3×5 ft sleeve or grommet flag on our flag poles. We offer 5’ or 6’ poles to meet your individual need.

Buy metal flag pole brackets

Need a flag pole bracket or mount for your flag pole? We have you covered! We offer an adjustable bracket and multi-purpose mount in silver or white, both also made of heavy duty aluminum.

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