Heads Up: Independence Day Is a Flag Holiday

Do you own an American flag? If so, you should consider displaying it on Independence Day. In the United States, Independence Day is considered a flag holiday. You can display the American flag in front of your home or business all 365 days of the year. For flag holidays like Independence Day, however, it’s particularly

5 Fun Facts About the Flag of Ohio

Have you come across the Ohio flag? The Buckeye State has an official state. It features white stars against a blue background and alternating red-and-white stripes against a white background, which of course is similar to the American flag. The Ohio flag, however, only features 17 stars and five stripes. To learn more about the

5 Fun Facts About the Flag of New Mexico

Like the other 49 states, New Mexico has its own official flag. The flag of New Mexico features a red cross-like symbol in the center against a yellow background. It’s a relatively simple design that’s appealing and easy on the eyes. To learn more about the flag of New Mexico, keep reading. Below are five

The History of the Washington State Flag

Like the country’s 49 other states, Washington has an official flag. Known as the Washington state flag, it depicts George Washington against a green background. It’s the only state flag featuring an American president, and it’s the only state flag with a green field. Aside from being unique, however, there’s a rich story behind the

5 Lighting Tips to Illuminate Your American Flag at Night

When displaying the American flag outdoors, you’ll typically need to illuminate it. According to the U.S. Flag Code, the American flag should only be displayed from sunrise to sunset unless it’s properly illuminated. You can always take down your American flag before sunset, but doing so every day can be tedious and time-consuming. An easier

Can Sun Exposure Damage Your American Flag?

If you’re thinking about buying an American flag, you might be wondering whether sunlight will damage it. Most people display the American flag outdoors. When displayed outdoors, of course, your American flag will be exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays all day long. So, should you really be concerned about sun exposure damaging your

How the Addition of a New State Would Affect the American Flag

The American flag has used the same iconic design for over a half-decade. In July 1960, the design was changed from 49 stars to 50 stars to reflect the addition of Hawaii as an official state. There are 50 states in the United States, with Hawaii included, so the American flag features 50 stars —

Places Where the American Flag Is Continuously Displayed

Millions of homeowners and business owners proudly display the American flag. On these residential and commercial properties, the American flag is typically displayed from sunrise to sunset. There are certain historical places in the United States, however, where the American flag is continuously displayed by presidential proclamation and acts of Congress. If you happen to

The American Flag’s ‘Own Right’ — What Does It Mean?

There are rules governing how the American flag should be displayed. Known as the U.S. Flag Code, it’s a piece of federal legislation that’s nearly a century ago. On June 14, 1923, the first U.S. flag code was drafted. While it has since been revised numerous times, it’s still used to govern how the American