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Why is the American flag folded into a Triangle

Why the American Flag Is Folded Into a Triangle

Ever wonder why the American flag is folded into a triangle? Consisting of 13 stripes and 50 stars, the American flag is a symbol of freedom, unity, and patriotism. You can find it displayed in front of countless homes, businesses and government buildings throughout the United States. When prepared for storage, however, the American flag


The Birth of Old Glory

Probably the most iconic symbol of the United States of America, the American Flag stands as one of the most revered representations of this great nation and has endured the test of time. While the appearance of the flag may have evolved over the decades, its meaning has remained constant. But how much do you


The Best Military Movies

10 Military Romance Films Guaranteed to Bring Military Spouses to Tears If you’re the spouse of a military person on deployment, your days can be lonely and rough at times. In this article by Krystel for Armywife101.com, she gives us a list of some great movies that you can relate to. Full of love, and


Why You Should Buy American-Made

Neil Armstrong elevated the concept of “staking a flag of pride” when he planted the American flag on the moon. This flag, proudly made in the USA, embodied civil integrity in every stitch and carried a symbolic weight far greater than the moon’s gravity could acknowledge. While you could confirm this by visiting the moon,


Presidential Veterans

Catalog of Presidents Who Served in the Military You may not be aware of this, but a good portion of our presidents served in the military before beginning their lives of political service. In this article by Hans Petersen for va.gov we get a detailed look at the military service of former presidents, including which


Developed Military Habits

The military is arguably the most storied and respected branch of the government in the United States. The countless men and women who have died through the years have helped to provide and sustain the freedom that we are now blessed with today.  The military is also one of the most habit forming professions in


Top Jobs for Veterans

When it comes to transitioning from a life of military service work into the civilian workforce, some veterans feel like they are at a disadvantage. However, as we have found in the following articles, not only are many companies looking to hire veterans for all of their specialized skills, but also because they find veterans


Teaching Patriotism and Respect

Sometimes, it appears that the younger generations may not place a very high value on patriotism. As Americans, we are obligated to instill this feeling of national pride into the ensuing generation, ensuring they understand the sacrifices made by countless men and women that preceded them to secure their present day freedoms and liberties. Whether


4 Quick Tips Learned from the Military

#1: 7 Life Lessons I Learned from Drill Sergeants Paula Davis-Laack writing for huffingtonpost.com takes us with her on her heartfelt journey of moving from a life of commercial real estate law to teaching reliance to soldiers and how she learned more from them than she taught. Coming from a life growing up with a


Best Surprise Pregnancy Reveals

Discovering that you’re on the path to becoming a parent, grandparent, or an aunt or uncle is an elevating and deeply touching experience. The unexpectedness of these moments often brings a delightful mix of happiness and excitement, which unsurprisingly results in some outstanding video clips. We’ve hand-picked some of our best-loved reveal videos from across


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