5 Fun Facts About the Oregon State Flag

Have you seen the Oregon state flag? It features a simple yet attractive design against a navy-colored field. You can find the Oregon state flag proudly displayed in front of countless homes and businesses throughout the Beaver State — as well as other states. Even if you’ve seen it, though, you might be surprised to learn the following facts about the Oregon state flag.

#1) Only State Flag to Feature Two Sides

The Oregon state flag is the only official state to feature two sides. In other words, it features a design on the front and another, different design on the back. The front of the Oregon state flag features the state’s seal below the words “State of Oregon” and above the date “1859.” The design on the back of the Oregon state flag, conversely, features a beaver.

#2) 33 Stars Represent Statehood

The 33 stars within the Oregon state flag’s seal represents statehood. Oregon was the 33rd state to be admitted to the Union, which occurred in 1859.  Therefore, the state’s seal consists of 33 stars. You can find these stars, as well as the date in which Oregon was admitted to the Union, on the front of the Oregon state flag.

#3) Adopted in 1925

The modern-day Oregon state flag was adopted in 1925. During this year, the first flag featuring this newly adopted design was produced by employees at Meier & Frank. Since then, the Oregon flag has remained unchanged. It still features a two-sided design consisting of the state’s seal on the front and a beaver on the back.

#4) May Feature Gold Fringe

You may notice that some Oregon state flags have gold fringe on them. Like with the American flag, the Oregon state can be designed either with or without gold fringe. Oregon lawmakers specifically say that gold fringe may be used on flags for “parade” and “dress” use.  Other display applications of the Oregon state flag don’t require gold fringe.

#5) The Beaver Is Oregon’s State Animal

There’s a reason why the back of the Oregon state flag features a beaver: it’s the official state animal of Oregon. All states have at least one official state animal. In Oregon, the official state animal is the beaver. These water-dwelling animals are commonly found through Oregon’s waterways. Because of their prominence throughout Oregon, state lawmakers recognize the beaver as Oregon’s official state animal. This is why the beaver is featured on the back of the Oregon state flag.

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