Flag of Croatia
Croatia flag
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Croatia flag

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3 by 5 foot

The flag of the Republic of Croatia is a national symbol and was officially adopted on December 21, 1990. The flag consists of three equally-wide horizontal stripes of red, white, and blue. The Republic of Croatia’s coat of arms is centered on the flag. The red, white and blue are traditional Croatian colors. White represents peace and honesty, red stands for bravery and power and the blue symbolizes vigilance, truth and loyalty.

The Republic of Croatia’s coat of arms con a checkerboard shield, containing exactly 13 red and 12 silver squares. It is these red and silver(white) checks(squares) that define the flag and inspire so much passion (both positive and negative) throughout the region. Above the shield lies five smaller shields symbolizing historical regions within Croatia. These regions from left to right are Croatia, Dubrovnik, Dalmatia, Istria, and Slavonia.

The oldest known symbol representing Croatian is their Coat of Arms which contains a light blue shield on which lies a golden(yellow) six-pointed star (representing the morning star – Venus), over a silver (white) crescent moon on a blue shield.

The Coat of arms for the Republic of Dubrovnik is made of a dark blue shield with two red horizontal stripes.
The Dalmatian coat of arms has a light blue shield with three yellow (gold) crowned heraldic leopard (lion) heads, with two heads over one. In one period of Croatian history, the Dalmatian coat of arms was used as the Croatian coat of arms.

The Istrian coat of arms contains a dark blue shield on which lies a yellow (gold) goat turned to the left with red hooves and horns.

The Slavonian coat of arms is made of a light blue shield with two horizontal white (silver) stripes. To some it is described as two rivers (Drava and Sava) surrounding Slavonia. Between these stripes is a red field with a marten (weasel-like mammal) walking to the left. The Croatian word for marten is “kuna” and is also the name of their currency. This isn’t a coincidence, as marten felt was used as a form of currency in some parts of Croatia. In the upper blue field is a yellow (golden) six-pointed star. This coat of arms is bordered by a red line.
The Republic of Croatia’s coat of arms is among the most distinctive in Europe. It was first used during World War II.

Flag of the Republic of Croatia