Flag of El Salvador
El Salvador flag
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El Salvador flag

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3 by 5 foot

The National flag of El Salvador is a triband flag of cobalt blue, white, and cobalt blue, from top to bottom. The Coat of Arms of El Salvador lies centrally on the white band. The design of a triband of blue-white-blue is common among Central American Countries. The color blue is important in Salvadoran culture because Native American tribes produced indigo plants that were used the create blue dyes. El Salvador was a leading producer in the world during this early time period.

The two bands of royal cobalt blue color represent the great sky and two massive oceans of Central America. The white band symbolizes peace, concordia (harmony), and solidarity with the world. While these are the main colors on the flag, the coat of arms features several other colors. The other colors besides blue and white are gold, green, red, and others which create the unique nation symbol. Featured on the coat of arms is the text “Republica De El Salvador En La America Central”, meaning Republic of El Salvador in Central America. In the center of the coat of arms is a triangle that represents the three branches of government in El Salvador. Located inside the triangle are five volcanoes rising out of the Pacific Ocean, which represent the five members of the United Provinces of Central America. The design also includes a Phrygian cap on a staff, a sun in the horizon, and a rainbow arch that is a symbol of peace. Also included is the date of the nation’s independence – September 15, 1821. Outside of the triangle are five blue and white flags which symbolize the Federal Republic of Central America. The flags are held up by wooden war spears which acknowledges the ancestry and heritage of the country.

A scroll lies under the triangle and includes the words, “Dios, Union, Libertad”, which means “God, Union, Liberty”. A green laurel wreath tied with a striped ribbon is also featured, which represents unity. The 14 parts of the wreath represent the Departments of El Salvador. El Salvador is one of the smallest countries in Central America and is bordered by Honduras in the northeast, and Guatemala in the northwest.

The El Salvadoran flag was designed at the request of the city government and adopted on May 27, 1912. Their Coat of Arms has been in use in its current form since September 15, 1912.

Flag of the Republic of El Salvador