Flag of Venezuela
Venezuela flag
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Venezuela flag

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3 by 5 foot

The current National flag of Venezuela was adopted on March 12, 2006 and is a tricolor flag which consists of three equal horizontal bands of yellow (top), blue, and red (bottom), with the coat of arms on the hoist (left) side of the yellow band and an arc of eight white five-pointed stars centered in the blue band. State Flags used by the government for official purposes incorporate the national coat of arms in their upper hoist corners. Venezuela is a country in South America and is bordered by Colombia and Brazil to the south.

The Venezuelan independence leader Francisco de Miranda designed the basic tricolor flag in 1806. Seven stars were added in 1836; they represent the seven provinces that supported Venezuela’s independence in 1830. The provinces are Barcelona, Cumana, Caracas, Barinas, Merida, Margarita, Trujillo and Guyana. The eighth star, the “Bolivar Star,” was added in 2006 to honor Simon Bolivar. Miranda was unsuccessful in liberating Venezuela, but he did pave the way for the eventual independence, and Venezuelans honor him as the creator of their national flag.

The yellow of the Venezuela flag stands for the riches of the land, blue represents the courage of Venezuela’s people and Venezuela’s independence from Spain. Red symbolizes the bloodshed in Venezuela’s struggle for independence. The eight stars represent the eight provinces in Venezuela that united in the war of independence.
The Venezuelan flag should be flown every day by the legally registered public institutions from 7:00AM until 6:00PM. Private institutions, businesses and citizens should fly the flag on national holidays or on days determined by the National Executive.

Flag Day was celebrated in Venezuela on March 12th until August 3, 2006. Since 2006 it has been celebrated on August 3rd.

Flag of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela