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5 Facts About the Flag of New Hampshire

New Hampshire has an official flag consisting of the state’s seal against a blue background. It’s commonly displayed in courthouses and other municipal buildings throughout the Granite State. You can identify the New Hampshire flag by its seal. The seal depicts the USS Raleigh frigate in the center. Around the USS Raleigh is a laurel

How to Prevent Your Flagpole From Rusting

If you’re planning to display the American flag outdoors, you should take measures to prevent your flagpole from rusting. American flags are almost always displayed on a flagpole outdoors. After mounting your flagpole to the ground — or to the side of your home or business — you can raise the American flag to the

5 Facts About the Flag of Minnesota

Minnesota has an official flag. As shown in the adjacent photo, it consists of a modified version of the state’s official seal on a blue field. You can find the Minnesota flag displayed in front of thousands of homes and businesses throughout the North Star State. It’s a simple, colorful flag with a rich history

What Is the Flag of Australia?

Like the United States, Australia has its own official flag. It features a blue field with the Union Jack in the upper-left corner along with a large seven-pointed star in the bottom-left corner and a constellation of the five stars on the right side. Whether you live in Australia, or if you simply appreciate the

Frequently Asked Questions About the US Army Flag

The United States Army has its own flag. Consisting primarily of a blue-colored War Office Seal on a white background, it’s commonly displayed at U.S. Army bases around the world. Many active service members and veterans also display the U.S. Army flag. Below are some of the top questions and answers about the U.S. Army

Heads Up: New Year’s Day Is a Flag Holiday

If you own an American flag, you should consider displaying it in front of your home or business on January 1. New Year’s Day is one of several flag holidays. You can express your appreciation for the American Flag and everything for which it stands by displaying it on New Year’s Day. What are flag

What Is the Flag of Arizona?

Of all the different state flags, Arizona’s is among the most colorful. It features an array of red, yellow, orange and blue colors. Each of these colors symbolizes something specific about the Grand Canyon State. To learn more about the Arizona flag, keep reading. The Design of the Arizona Flag The Arizona flag depicts a

History of the Flag of Alaska

Alaska has one of the most recognizable flags in the United States. As depicted in the photo above, it features eight gold stars on a dark blue background. The stars consist of the Big Dipper asterism as well as the North Star, Polaris, in the top-right corner. The Modern-Day Alaska Flag Alaska officially adopted its

What to Look for When Choosing a Flagpole Holder

A flagpole holder offers a simple and effective way to display the American flag. Rather than burying the flagpole in the ground, you can place it in a holder. Flagpole holders live up to their namesake by supporting and holding a flagpole. You can mount a flagpole holder to the side of your patio or

6 Facts About the Flag of Canada

Like most countries, Canada has an official flag. The National Flag of Canada Act encourages residents and businesses to display it. Regardless of where you live, however, there are probably some things you don’t know about the flag of Canada. #1) Also Known as the Maple Leaf The flag of Canada is also known as

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