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What Is the Flag of Maryland?

Of all 50 states, Maryland has one of the most unique and recognize flags. It features the heraldic banner of arms of Cecil Calvert. Maryland is the only state, in fact, with English heraldry in its flag. As a result, you can easily spot the flag of Maryland. Origins of the Flag of Maryland The

The History of the US Navy Flag

The U.S. Navy has its own official flag. It features the seal of the U.S. Department of the Navy above a yellow scroll with the words “United States Navy.” The background is a uniform dark blue color. Even if you’ve never served in the U.S. Navy, you may have seen this flag. The flag of

5 Fun Facts About the Flag of Florida

If you’ve ever driven through Florida, you may recall seeing its flag. The Sunshine State has its own official flag. It looks like the flag of Alabama but with one major difference. While the flag of Alabama consists entirely of a red X — also known as a saltire — against a white background, the

The Origins of the Jolly Roger Flag

The Jolly Roger flag is one of the most recognizable flags in the world. Consisting of a white skull and crossbones against a black background, it’s commonly associated with pirates. In the past, pirates flew the Jolly Roger flag on their ships as a form of identification. While pirates have since faded over the years,

What Is the Flag of Iowa?

When driving through Iowa, you may recall seeing a flag consisting of blue, white and red vertical stripes. It’s Iowa’s official state flag. In the center of the white stripe is an eagle carrying a streamer with the phrase “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.” To learn more about the Iowa

The Bedford Flag: An Introduction to the United States’ Oldest Flag

The American flag isn’t the United States’ oldest flag. While the first version of the American flag emerged in 1777, there was another flag that came before it. Known as the Bedford flag, it’s believed to be the oldest flag in the United States. What Is the Bedford Flag? The Bedford flag is a square-shaped

5 Fun Facts About the Flag of Delaware

Have you seen the flag of Delaware? It features the state’s official coat of arms. In the center of the Delaware flag is a diamond that encompasses the state’s official coat of arms. While the Delaware flag has a simple design, there are probably some things you don’t know about it. Below are five fun

How the American Flag Is Used in Funerals

During any given year, over 2 million funerals will take place in the United States. Funeral ceremonies often have different traditions. Many of them, however, involve the use of the American flag. If you’ve attended a funeral in the past, you may recall seeing the American flag. For well over a century, the American flag

5 Fun Facts About the Flag of the United States Space Force

The United States Space Force is the latest branch of our country’s military. Created Dec. 20, 2019, its mission is to organize, train and equip the U.S. military with space fighting and defense capabilities. Like all other branches of the U.S. military, the Space Force has an official flag. Below are five fun about the flag of

What Is the Flag of Arkansas?

Have you encountered the flag of Arkansas? Featuring 29 stars with the same red, white and blue color scheme as the American flag, it’s commonly displayed throughout the Bear State. Overview of the Flag of Arkansas The flag of Arkansas features the state’s name in the center of a diamond. At the top of the

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