Oklahoma State Flag Frequent Questions Answered

Who designed the Oklahoma Flag and what does it represent?

The current state flag of Oklahoma was designed by Louise Fluke in 1925. The symbolism of the flag is as follows: The Osage shield is covered by the Plains-style ceremonial pipe which represents Native Americans, and the olive branch which represents European Americans. The six golden brown crosses are Native American symbols for stars. The blue field is inspired by the Choctaw flag and represents devotion. The shield surmounted by the calumet and live branch represents defensive or protective warfare, showing a love of peace by a united people.

When was the Oklahoma flag adopted?

The first official Oklahoma flag was adopted as the state flag on April 2, 1925 and it resembles the current flag without the word Oklahoma on it. The word “Oklahoma” was added to the flag in 1941. Since this time many unauthorized Oklahoma flag designs became prevalent throughout the state so much so that the correct and official design was becoming lost. In 2005 an Oklahoma boy scout leader was looking for an image of the Oklahoma state flag and noticed multiple unauthorized designs of the state flag, but with some research he was able to identify the official design to use. But because of the prevalence of unauthorized designs he contacted his state representative, and was the driving force to have the official authorized flag signed into law by Governor Brad Henry on May 23, 2006, taking effect on November 2, 2006.

How am I supposed to fly my Oklahoma Flag with my American Flag?

When flying the Oklahoma flag with the flag of the United States on the same pole, the flag of United States must always be at the top and the Oklahoma flag should be the same size or smaller. When It is flown on separate poles, the Oklahoma flag will be to the right of the flag of the United States situating the U.S. flag in the position of honor, which is to the observer’s left of the other flags.

Where might I purchase an Oklahoma Flag?

If you would like an official made in America Oklahoma flag, go to Star Spangled Flags. They treat their flags so they don’t fade quickly and use an extra tough nylon and use extra stitching so they last longer without unraveling and fraying!

What is the official pledge of the Oklahoma Flag?

The official pledge to the Oklahoma Flag was adopted in 2002 and is: “I salute the flag of the State of Oklahoma, it’s symbols of peace unite all people”.

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