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Alabama flag
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Alabama flag

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Alabama state flag

The Alabama flag, adopted in 1985, consists of a red Saint Andrew’s Cross, or saltire as it as formally called, over a white background.

The Alabama state flag is bordered with gold fringe for indoor and parade purposes, while the outdoor version has no gold fringe. The flag of Alabama flies on many occasions such as ceremonies, parades, installations, and more. In addition, the flag is also displayed in the office of the Alabama Governor.

Alabama flags, Made in USA

Located in the southeastern region of the country, bordered by Tennessee to the north, the Gulf of Mexico to the south, Georgia to the east, and Mississippi to the west, is the state of Alabama. It goes by a lot of nicknames; Yellowhammer state, Heart of Dixie, and the Cotton State. What makes this state unique is it has the one of the longest, most passable inland waterways in the country.

The phrase “Heart of Dixie” describes how the state is located in the southern region, while the phrase “the Cotton State” depicts how the cotton industry is an important part of the state’s history.

There are tons of things to do in Alabama, and if you’re a local in the area, it’s also the best time to show your respect and appreciation to your beloved state by hanging a flag during state holidays. More Alabama Flag questions are .

Whatever the event or the holiday, if you’re proud of your state, if you feel pride for your country, then demonstrate it by flying a flag during these holidays and other special events. Displaying our country’s flag in your home is a great way of showing your love for your country. And it’s good practice to do it every chance you get. It teaches kids about nationalism and it also reminds you of your duties as its citizen.

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Alabama is known for having one of the simplest flags in the United States. As depicted in the adjacent photo, it consists of the St. Andrew’s cross against an all-white field. The St. Andrew’s cross is a crimson-colored cross. It’s essentially a red X that runs diagonally across the four corners of the Alabama state flag. With the St. Andrew’s cross, Alabama has a simple flag that’s easily distinguished from other state flags. Find it available for sale by clicking here. To learn more about the history of the Alabama state flag, keep reading.

Origins of the Alabama State Flag

The origins of the Alabama state flag can be traced back to the 19th century. In 1861, the Alabama Secession Convention agreed to designate an official flag for the Southern State. They selected a design created by a group of women living in Montgomery. The group’s design featured the Goddess of Liberty wielding a sword in one hand and a blue-colored flag in her other hand. Above the Goddess of Liberty was a banner reading “Alabama,” which was placed under the phrase “Independent Now and Forever.”

It’s important to note that the original Alabama state flag was two-sided. The back of the flag featured a rattlesnake in a coiled striking position. Along with the rattlesnake, the back of the Alabama state flag features the Latin phrase “Noli Me Tangere,” which means “Touch Me Not.” For more information, check out this page.

How the Alabama State Flag Has Changed

Like with other states, the Alabama state flag has been revised since its origins. The current design no longer featured the Goddess of Liberty, nor does it feature a banner or other text. It’s also a single-sided design, whereas the original design was two-sided.

The current design of the Alabama state flag was adopted in 1895. During this year, Representative John W. A. Sanford Jr passed a resolution calling for a new design for the Alabama state flag. The legislation stated that the Alabama state flag should consist of the crimson cross of St. Andrew against a while field. It also stated that the bars of the crimson cross should be no longer than 6 inches wide, and the bars must extend fully diagonally from all four corners.

You can easily spot the modern-day version of the Alabama state flag by looking for its crimson cross. For over a century, the Alabama state flag has featured a simple design consisting of the crimson cross, also known as the St. Andrew’s cross, against a while field. Prior to this design, the Alabama state flag featured a two-sided design with a coiled rattlesnake on one side and a Latin phrase on the other side.

Have you encountered the official Alabama state flag? Like all states, Alabama has its own flag. It features a simple design consisting of a crimson-colored cross. You can find the Alabama state flag displayed in front of countless homes and businesses throughout the Southern state. Even if you’ve seen it, though, there are probably some things you don’t know about the Alabama state flag. This post explores five fun facts about the flag of Alabama, some of which may surprise you.

#1) Originated in the Late 19th Century

The origins of the current Alabama flag can be traced back to the late 19th century. In 1895, lawmakers authorized the first official flag for the state. The legislation was spearheaded by Representative John W. A. Sanford Jr. who declared that the Alabama state flag should feature the crimson cross of St. Andrew against a white field.

#2) The Cross Is Known as a Saltire

The crimson cross depicted in the Alabama flag is known as a saltire. Saltires are a group of heraldic symbols. In the state banner of Alabama, there’s a single cross stretching from each of the four corners while intersecting in the middle. It’s technically the St. Andrew cross, but it’s considered a saltire in vexillology.

#3) Previously Featured a Double-Sided Design

While the current design originated in the late 19th century, Alabama had an official flag for several decades prior to this time. The first flag for the Southern state was adopted in 1861. Unlike the current design, though, it didn’t feature the crimson cross of St. Andrew. Instead, it features a two-sided design. On one side, the flag featured the Goddess of Liberty holding a sword. On the other side, it features a coiled rattlesnake.

#4) Used as the Basis for the Governor’s Flag

The Alabama state flag was used as the basis for the Alabama Governor’s flag. Both flags feature the crimson cross of St. Andrew, and they both depict this cross against a while field. On the Alabama Governor’s flag, though, the coat of arms is displayed at the top and the military crest is displayed at the bottom.

#5) No Shape Originally Declared

When lawmakers first began to recognize the flag of Alabama, they didn’t specify a shape for it. As a result, some Alabama flags were rectangular, whereas others were square. It wasn’t until 1987 when the Office of the Alabama Attorney General declared that the Alabama state flag should feature a rectangular shape.

When was the Alabama state flag adopted?

The state flag of Alabama was authorized by Alabama state legislature on February 16, 1895 by Act number 383.

Where can I buy an Alabama state flag?

Star Spangled Flags has a beautiful Alabama state flag for sale, and it has received rave reviews from customers who’ve sent us feedback. The biggest reason is that it is 100% made in the U.S.A. Also, it is made of a heavyweight durable Nylon specifically treated to dry fast and resist sun and chemical deterioration. The hems are sewn using superior lock stitches to prevent unraveling. The fly end has four rows of lock stitching to improve durability, increase flag life and prevent fading.

How am I supposed to fly my Alabama state flag with my United States flag?

When flying the Alabama state flag with the flag of the United States on the same pole, the flag of United States must always be at the top and the Alabama flag should be the same size or smaller. When It is flown on separate poles, the Alabama flag will be to the right of the flag of the United States situating the U.S. flag in the position of honor, which is to the observer’s left of the other flags.

What is the pledge to the Alabama state flag?

The pledge to the state flag of Alabama is, “Flag of Alabama I salute thee. To thee I pledge my allegiance, my service, and my life”. The salute to the Alabama State Flag was adopted in 2001.

What is the design on the Alabama state flag and what does it represent?

The state flag of Alabama is simply a crimson cross of St. Andrew on a field of white. It is patterned after the Confederate battle flag. The cross symbolizes sacrifice. The color white in heraldry represent peace and honesty and the color red symbolizes hardiness, bravery, strength and valor.

Is the Alabama state flag square or rectangle?

Act # 383, which authorized Alabama’s state flag, did not specify a square or rectangle flag. Therefore the shape of the flag came under debate. Since the flag was modeled after the Confederate flag, which is a battle flag and battle flags were usually square, this fueled the debate. To end the confusion and debate, in 1987 the Alabama Department of Archives and History asked the Office of the Alabama Attorney General to investigate and issue an official opinion on the shape of their state flag, and the opinion established that the modern Alabama state flag should be rectangular in shape.

Alabama’s State Holidays

  • New Year’s Day – Jan 1
  • Martin Luther King Day – Jan 19
  • President’s Day – Feb 16
  • Mardis Gras – Feb 17
  • Confederate Memorial Day – April 27
  • Memorial Day – May 25
  • Jefferson Davis’s Birthday – June 1
  • Independence Day – Observed July 3rd
  • Labor Day – Sept 7
  • Columbus Day – Oct 12
  • Veteran’s Day – Nov 11
  • Thanksgiving – Nov 26
  • Christmas Day – Dec. 25

But apart from these estate holidays, Alabama offers fun festivals and exciting celebrations the whole year round. February 14 is not only Valentine’s Day but it’s also a great opportunity for the Alabama Wildlife Center to promote its cause with their timely event “Wild About Chocolate.” It’s a philanthropic and elegant event featuring delicious appetizers, scrumptious desserts and bubbling wine provided by the city’s finest caterers. There will also be live music with live and silent auctions for the organization’s cause.

Celebrated twice a year is the Elberta German Sausage Festival, during the last Saturdays of March and October. It will be a smorgasbord of Germany’s famous sauerkraut and sausages with live entertainment, arts and crafts for kids and adults.

July Fest Art and Musical Festival is an event a lot of locals look forward to. It’s a two-day event that showcases illustrious art works. Attendees will also enjoy the pet parade and dog adoption in support of the Humane Society and Animal Resources. There’s always live music and other live entertainment. This exciting festival happens every third weekend of July.

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