Flag of Bangladesh
Bangladesh flag
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Bangladesh flag

> 100% Made in USA with American labor and materials
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> Sturdy and shiny brass grommets for flying
> Lock stitched (not chain stitched) to prevent unraveling
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  • Size: 3 by 5 foot
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3 by 5 foot

The national flag of Bangladesh is a rectangle shaped flag that consists of a green field on which lies a large red disc. The red disc is offset slightly toward the left (hoist) which creates an illusion that the circle is actually located in the middle of the flag when it is raised.

The red disc represents the sun rising over Bengal, and also for the blood of those who died for the independence of Bangladesh. The green field symbolizes the lush vegetation of Bangladeshi land with its vitality and youthfulness.

The original flag was designed by painter Quamrul Hassan. The first flag was used in 1971 during the Bangladesh Liberation War, which influenced the design of the Bangladeshi national flag. The first flag was the same as the current flag, except it displayed a yellow map of the country on the red disc. On March 2, 1971, the initial (original) version of the flag was hoisted in Bangladesh for the first time at the Dhaka University. However, in 1972 the map was removed from the flag, and on January 17, 1972 the People’s Republic of Bangladesh officially adopted its national flag that you see today. One reason given for removing the map from the flag, was due to the difficulty for rendering the map correctly on both sides of the flag.

The national flag of Bangladesh is flown on public and private buildings throughout Bangladesh and the office premises of Bangladeshi diplomatic missions and consular posts on March 26, Independence Day, on December 16, Victory Day, on the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and any other day notified by the Government of Bangladesh.

In 2013, Bangladesh residents gathered to create a human flag, landing the country a world record for the largest human national flag in the world at that time with over 27,000 people.
Flag of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh