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Betsy Ross flag

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3 by 5 foot

> 100% Made In USA with American labor and materials
> Scientifically treated to resist UV fading & look beautiful
> Lock stitched (not chain stitched) to prevent unraveling
> Extra 4 rows of stitching on the fly end for durability

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  • Size: 3 by 5 foot

Product description

The Betsy Ross flag is considered one of the first flags of the USA. Our 3×5 nylon Betsy Ross flag has a deep blue field with 13 bright white stars in a circle alongside 13 alternating red and white stripes.

Made in USA

All our Betsy Ross flags feature a bright white header, two brass grommets, lock stitches on the seams and 4 rows of stitching on the fly end, plus reinforced corners to prevent fraying. And as with all our flags, both materials and labor are 100% from here in the United States. Add it to your shopping cart today and we’ll ship it quickly!

Betsy Ross Questions and Answers

Why are the stars in a circle on the Betsy Ross flag?

The stars are in a circle on the Betsy Ross flag so that the flag would show that no one colony would be viewed above another. It was reported that George Washington said, “Let the 13 stars in a circle stand as a new constellation in the heavens.”

What do the colors on the Betsy Ross flag represent?

There is no record showing the reason the Continental Congress chose the red, white and blue colors. But in 1782, Congress chose these same colors for the Great Seal of the United States and the meaning behind the colors are as follows: Red represents valor and hardiness, white stands for purity and innocence and blue symbolizes vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

Did Betsy Ross really sew the first American flag?

It is very possible that Betsy Ross sewed the first American Flag. It is consistent with the clues we do have. The problem is that we do not have a complete, undisputed record of this history. We do have detailed stories handed down from Betsy’s descendants that have beloved charm, but no documentary support. This doesn’t mean she didn’t make the flag, only that there is simply a lack of documentation. Even Ross’s grandson told the Pennsylvania Historical Society that his research in Philadelphia and in Washington, DC, revealed nothing about who designed or sewed the first United States flag. With all things considered, we may never know who made the first American Flag, but hopefully future historians will be able to uncover this unresolved mystery.

Why would Betsy Ross have been asked to make the American flag?

Betsy Ross would have been asked to sew the flag because she was a seamstress and upholsterer. During that time period it wasn’t unusual for ladies with this talent to be asked to make flags. In fact it was common for upholsterers to take up other forms of work during wartime since they were no longer getting their regular upholstery work. They needed to make money in other ways, like making tents, uniforms, and flags for the soldiers.

Where can you buy a Betsy Ross flag?

For a beautiful, 100% Made in the USA Betsy Ross flag, you can purchase one (or more) here at Star Spangled Flags! All our flags are made using a tough nylon material, extra stitching, and treated to withstand harmful UV rays from the sun, to keep them strong and long lasting in the elements.