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> 100% Made In USA with American labor and materials
> Scientifically treated to resist UV fading & look beautiful
> Sturdy and shiny brass grommets for flying
> Lock stitched (not chain stitched) to prevent unraveling
> Extra 4 rows of stitching on the fly end for durability


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3 by 5 foot



Gadsden flag, Made in USA

All our Gadsden flags feature a bright white header, two brass grommets, lock stitches on the seams and 4 rows of stitching on the fly end, plus reinforced corners to prevent fraying. And as with all our flags, both materials and labor are 100% from here in the United States. Add it to your shopping cart today and show your patriotism!

This 3×5 nylon American made Gadsden flag is considered to be one of the first flags of the USA. It has been a symbol of American patriotism since the Revolution, and is often associated with both Libertarianism and the Tea Party movement. The Gadsden flag is named after Christopher Gadsden, an American general during the Revolution and the flag’s designer (1775).

The flag is shown with a yellow field and depicts a coiled rattlesnake at the middle, ready to strike. Below the rattlesnake are the words: “DONT TREAD ON ME”. The rattlesnake symbol was first officially adopted by the Continental Congress in 1778 when it was approved for design for the official Seal if the War Office. This design of the War Office Seal was carried forward – with some minor modifications – into the subsequent designs for the War Department’s Seal, and the Department of the Army’s Seal, Emblem and Flag. As such, the rattlesnake symbol has been in continuous official use by the US Army for over 236 years.

In December 1775, Benjamin Franklin published an essay in the Pennsylvania Journal under the pseudonym American Guesser in which he suggested that the rattlesnake was a good symbol for the American spirit:

“I recollected that her eye excelled in brightness, that of any other animal, and that she has no eye-lids. She may therefore be esteemed an emblem of vigilance. She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders. She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage. As if anxious to prevent all pretensions of quarreling with her, the weapons with which nature has furnished her, she conceals in the roof of her mouth, so that, to those who are unacquainted with her, she appears to be a most defenseless animal; and even when those weapons are shown and extended for her defense, they appear weak and contemptible; but their wounds however small, are decisive and fatal. Conscious of this, she never wounds till she has generously given notice, even to her enemy, and cautioned him against the danger of stepping on her. Was I wrong, Sir, in thinking this a strong picture of the temper and conduct of America?”

Gadsden flag questions and answers

What does the Gadsden flag represent?

The Gadsden flag represents a time when America was in the process of fighting for its’ freedom and therefore a very important representation of American history. It is a wonderful symbol of our country’s strength and willpower leading to becoming the free and powerful country it is today. It has been a symbol of American patriotism since the Revolution and is often associated with both libertarianism and the Tea Party movement. It is a reminder to all: do not step on or take advantage of Americans or their retaliation will be swift!

What is the image on the Gadsden flag?

The Gadsden flag is a bright yellow flag with a coiled rattlesnake in the middle, ready to strike. Below the snake are the words: “Dont Tread On Me”.

What is the meaning of the Gadsden flag?

The Gadsden flag itself is a warning, just as is the frightening sound of a rattlesnake’s tail. As the enemy of the rattlesnake will suffer it’s vengeance if something is foolish enough to challenge it, so it will be with anyone who seeks to harm America.

Who designed the Gadsden flag and when was it created?

The Gadsden flag was created by Christopher Gadsden in 1775 during the American Revolution, where he was an American statesman and general. He felt it was especially important for the commodore to have a distinctive personal standard, so he made a copy of this flag and submitted the design to the Provincial Congress in Charleston, South Carolina. Currently, there are a few variations of this flag but the message remains the same. It was first used by the Continental Marines as well as the Moultrie Flag.

Why fly the Gadsden flag, and, when and how should it be flown?

The Gadsden flag is not an “official” military flag but an historic flag and you may fly it any time you want. It may be flown by itself, under the American flag or beside the American flag on a separate pole. If you fly them side by side, the American flag should be on its own right (on the left as seen by an observer). Many citizens choose to fly this flag because the meaning of “Don’t Tread On Me” is unmistakable; you mess with America, we will strike!

Where may I buy a Gadsden flag for sale?

For a 100% American made Gadsden flag, order from us here at Star Spangled Flags! We also have a 100% money back guarantee. Our flags are treated to dry fast & resist sun & chemical deterioration so the colors stay strong against ultraviolet rays in the bright sunshine. We use a heavyweight nylon material and superior lock stitching, and have 4 rows of lock stitching to the fly end of the flag to prevent unraveling & fraying thus improving its lifespan.